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Coronavirus Pandemic – Impact on Students and Education Institutions

The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed our planet to drastically find new ways of dealing with the new normal. After the initial virus wave, it has become crucial to grasp the short and long-run impacts and future measures. Will the Indian nation emerge from this crisis with a fresh perspective and boost to higher education?

The rate of the Coronavirus spread in India has forced the central and state governments to shut down educational institutions as a preventive measure. This has led to the disruption of studies. The nationwide lockdown and the increasing health crisis have put students in a difficult situation with universities being shut. Their Syllabi is stranded.

Board exams, university exams, and entrance exams have been delayed. It’ll be a huge challenge for schools to finish their syllabus on time while not compromising on the quality of education.

Problems due to the Coronavirus in Education System

Coronavirus Pandemic - Impact on Students and Education Institutions

Uncertain times like this incorporate stronger measures and the educational institutions have been stepping up to provide some solutions. Institutions to grow and implement techniques, they haven’t used before, and the pandemic is the catalyst.

The conventional Indian education system follows face-to-face or physical teaching. Audio-visual aids were introduced a decade back. The switch to online classes has made sure that students suffer no loss of studies. Their progress is being tracked at the same time with timely analysis.

Incorporating education with technology and forming a cooperative strategy to move ahead while providing online lectures too will alter the students to learn creatively. Indian schools may take time to handle the amendment and be receptive to the new ways. The conventional approach of the education system here has always been a lecture-based approach to teaching.

Many Indian students enroll in universities abroad. Particularly in countries that are suffering from the pandemic like the US, UK, Australia, and China. Due to lockdown restrictions, several such students have currently been barred from going away from these countries. If this case persists, then a decline in the demand for international education is predicted.

A recent study by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), which comes out with a world ranking for educational institutions has shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the choices of over 48% of Indian students who wished to pursue their higher education plans abroad.

Challenges faced by Students during Coronavirus pandemic

Student exchange programs have gained vital appreciation within the last decade. High school students are collaborating in such opportunities now more than ever. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks possible that the bulk of those programs will be off. Online alternatives will be a solution

As colleges and students navigate the unknown waters ahead, it’s arduous not to speculate anything regarding what the longer-term impacts on pedagogy teaching and analysis may well be. Reflecting on that, students will rethink their call to study at a university abroad. As a result, the applications received by the schools from international students are certain to observe a downfall. Your judgment ultimately depends on three things. Health and safety relaxations throughout COVID-19, the embassy’s situation, and the availability of flight tickets.

For Indian students, the pursuit of going abroad is a long journey that begins a few years before embarking on a degree. It reflects years’ worth of hard work, family savings, and aspirations. Given these investments, students are presently feeling unsuccessful and disappointed, nevertheless seeking choices within their home country

Problems for Higher Education Institutions due to Coronavirus

Several universities have paused their hiring plans for existing vacancies that have successively affected the standard and excellence. Effective instructional methods are required for the capacity-building of young minds. We can not ignore that fact.

The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have responded emphatically. They have figured out how to guarantee the congruity of instructing learning, and administration to the general public with certain devices and methods during the pandemic. A few estimates taken by HEIs and instructive specialists of India to offer consistent instructive types of assistance during the emergency are examined.

Opportunities for student quality and sensible exposure through exchange programs, internships, participation in conferences, and others may be off the table for a few months. Innovative and new varieties of collaboration and different paradigms are the need of the hour to drive learning, research, and teaching.

Times like this could be a great opportunity for corporations that are developing LMS modules used by universities and schools. Since incorporated learning is the new format, there’ll be a push to seek out ways to deliver quality content. The result of the utilization of learning management systems will give birth to additional openness and transparency in teaching.

In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, UNESCO had earlier launched the Global Education Coalition in March 2020 to ensure that learning never stops even during the lockdown period.  Furthermore, in November 2019, the Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education was adopted by the 40th session of the UNESCO General Conference, making it the first United Nations treaty on higher education with a global scope


The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged the whole society on how need is the mother of development by permitting instructive organizations to embrace internet learning and present a virtual learning society. The pandemic has been guiding the instruction area forward with mechanical development and headways. The pandemic has essentially upset the advanced education segment. 

The bigger concern, however, on everybody’s mind is that the impact of the virus spread rate on employment opportunities. Recent graduates in India are fearing the withdrawal of job offers from corporates due to the current pandemic situation. The monetary capability of Indian homes is coming under stress. The country will expect a decrease in enrolments and challenges with tuition fees. Public establishments could also be under threat of reduced funding.

The mutating nature of the fast-developing coronavirus has forced students and academic establishments to prepare themselves for a range of eventualities. During our fight against this pandemic, we need cooperation, understanding, and adaptability to the current situation. Time never waits and this robust time also will pass. There is invariably a door at the top of the tunnel, therefore be positive and driven. Be happy that you simply are safe and secure. Live in the moment and be there to tell the tale of how this time helped in framing your future!

Rakhul Kumar
Rakhul Kumar
Project Associate at IIT Madras || Instrumentation Engineering from Anna University |


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