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Clothes that make you look slim

Don’t we always long to look flawless regardless of the outfit we wear? Irrespective of what we like to wear, we need to acknowledge that all clothes are designed in accordance with a particular body type. A bodycon dress might not look as good on you as your relatively slim companion. However, there are ample options that can make you rock the dress look that might not be the case with her.

Do you know that you can shed around 5 pounds when you spruce up as per your body type? No, we are not recommending you lose weight. Rather, coordinating suitable tops with the right bottoms as well as the accessories that complement the outfit is what would work as a camouflaging feature for you.

Do you want to make them wonder about the mystery behind your fitness without even shedding weight?

Here are some types of clothes that can make you look slim

Stripes and Prints

Most likely, everyone must be well aware of the spell played by vertical lines to make your body look a lot slimmer. A vertical stripe automatically throws away a few extra pounds while horizontal stripes make your body look wider than usual as it prompts the eyes to look from side to side. Deep necklines with clean prints make you look taller and thinner. Also, decent and small prints can conceal the details while huge prints can ruin it all. Briefly, ‘The smaller the print, the smaller you look’ and the other way round.


It’s a fashion myth that wearing loose clothes would hide your fat while skinny clothes would showcase it as too loose clothes make you look even bigger than usual. Go for proportions, for instance, pair a skin-fitted top along with baggy bottoms or even flared boot cuts. Likewise, you could also consider wearing a loose knotted shirt with skinny-fit jeans. Moreover, fitted crop tops with palazzos could work wonders for your slim look.

Dark Hues

Indeed, the darker the shade of your outfit, the slimmer you look. Black is everyone’s favorite, especially because of its ability to conceal our problem areas with its dark texture. Thus, dark colors from head to toe are most known for a slim look. After all, a black tee with dark blue jeans and a high pony is an evergreen combination for a reason and it makes you look so much leaner isn’t it? Prefer minimal contrast. To sum up, Go Monochromatic!

Fits and Flares

One-piece dresses glide over our curves and each one of us wears it but what type makes you look slim? Well, a big no to bodycons. Printed maxis( but not huge messy prints), midis with narrow belts, especially for hourglass figure so that the waist does not look bound, a pleated skirt dress with a jacket are all 10 on 10 looks to seem slimmer. Go for a one-piece with a good fabric, not thin and tight ones that only highlight the flaws.

Right-Sized Shirts

Generally, a row of buttons makes you look from up to down which creates an illusion of slenderness. Furthermore, shirts are a to-go place for every body type, and balancing them with flared pants makes you look leaner. However, avoid under or oversized shirts and pick the best-fitted shirt so that they complement your body. Go for tucked-in shirts with boot cuts, styled with heels that cover your insteps. Prefer high heels and avoid wide strapped sandals.

High-Waist Bottoms

High-waist jeans are the best alternatives to camouflage that belly fat most of us have. Surely, we should embrace it but wearing high-waist jeans over that makes it all the more glamorous along with tank tops or basic tees. Pair your crop tops with skinny cropped high waist jeans and a shrug to pull the college look in an elegant manner. In case you have excess fat in your thighs and legs, go for body-hugging denims as they make your legs look slimmer. Also, wear high-waists with few pockets to prevent the prominence of thigh fat.


Basic deep V-necks provide a good separation to the chest that gives length to your neck making your upper body look slim. It draws attention to your chest instead of to your neck and double chin. Wear V-neck dresses that are cinched at the waist and have curve-enhancing seams. Besides, pair V-neck tops with dark flared bottoms and a blazer for a sleek boss-lady vibe.

Pencil Skirts

The tailor-cut towards the end makes you look thin as it does not allow the skirt to be skin-tight through the hips. The most appropriate and attractive top with a pencil skirt would be a peplum that flares out and buries the belly fat. For formal events, go for a wrap top with a high-waisted knee-length pencil skirt to cover belly fat. Avoid patterned skirts as they work as lower body enhancers and nobody likes to reveal unnecessary details right?

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Pair it with a Belt

The trend calls out slinging belts over trapeze dresses, scarfs, flared tops, oversized tees, sarees, and whatnot but what if I tell you that it can make you look sleek as well! A DIY belt, say a strip of cloth can be knotted over any dress in order to hide the fat rolls. Jumpsuits never made you look as slim as they do when paired with a belt as it provides enough area between the waist and the chest(midriff). Avoid if midriff is your pain area.

Longer Jackets

Create a classic denim on denim look to illustrate a slim yet curvy figure. The biggest advantage of longer jackets is their ability to cover up the flaws, giving a classy look. Baggy jackets make you look all the more bulky, therefore, pick fitted jackets and cardigans. An open jacket paired with V-neck shirt, dark jeans and long boots is an easy go-to outfit for any occasion. They work as ultimate confidence boosters.

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