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Chat with Suzanna Mukherjee, lead of the upcoming movie Mona Darling.

Suzanna Mukherjee is drop dead gorgeous. She was born and brought up in Bhilai, Chattisgarh. Did her graduation and MBA from pune . Did a reality show called ‘Roadies’ season 6 as a student , then came back to mumbai after 2 years to try her luck at acting and cracked her very first audition for a fair and lovely ad directed by Shoojit Sarkar . Her mother is a Russian fashion designer and her dad is an engineer and works at Bhilai steel plant . She have no siblings . She has done many television serials and is now all set for her new releaese “Mona Darling“. Here we catch up with her.   

Q)You first appear at MTV. At that time roadies was a huge rage. How did you feel when you first made that substantial presence onscreen?

A) I was actually never keen on becoming a roadie because I had never seen that show , but my friends were huge fans of the show and hence they encouraged me to fill the form with them . And so I did . I was the only one who got called back for the interview , I don’t think my friends will ever forgive me for that 😂 . It was a great experience though . I learned that i was the worst reality show contestant ever because I never abused or faught.

Q) How did you bag your first television serial?

A) Justlike most people here. Auditioned for it, got a call back ,then did a look test and Voila ! Got the show.

Q) Did you aspire to become an actor during your growing up years?

A) I secretly always did but never had the guts to say it out aloud because I was scared of people mocking me, and I guess since I came from a small town where every good student  would either become a doctor or an engineer. And I was always an A grade student. But I guess it was meant to be coz life brought me to Mumbai  by chance. 

Q) Being a half Bengali, you never had accent issues, in fact you speak great and flawless Hindi, how come?

A) I speak even Russian and Ukeranian fluently because my mother is half Russian and half Ukrainian and my dad is Bengali.  I did my schooling in Bhilai and hence learned Hindi fluently. In fact my mother told me that when I joined kindergarten at 3 I could only speak in Russian and Bengali and within almost a week after I started the classes I got fluent in Hindi and within a few months in English as well. I was always good with languages. Any country I would visit, I would genuinely make an effort to learn the language. I guess it was the hidden actor in me.

Q) After 2009, there was no looking back, as big career projects came your way, how did you manage huge media attention that came your way?

A) It didn’t affect me much. I  still have a long way to go.

Q) What difference did you feel between working in movies and working in TV serials?

A) I enjoy films coz the time period is shorter and you can experiment and hence do many different characters, while in television you’re stuck with the same character for a very long time and it kinda gets boring beyond a point,playing the same character everyday. 

Q) You have worked with Bollywood big guns like Emraan Hashmi, how was the experience like?

A) It’s always great working with such brilliant actors, youlearn so much. And there are so many more I want to work with. The list is endless.

Q) From all the movies that you have done, which is your favorite character and why?

A)My character from my first film ‘Tutiya dil ‘ would be my most favorite character till date, simply because it was my first. I have loved every character that I’ve Ever done.

Q) You are successful, beautiful and independent girl at such a young age, what would you want to advise young girls regarding independence of women?

A) I would like to tell all the young girls out there to be fearless and follow their heart no matter what it is that you want to do with your life.

Q) Where do you see yourself say about five years later?

A) Doing some great roles that i could be proud of someday
I am a girl who wants to learn and grow:)


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