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How can Chakras transform you? Self Care for your Soul.

Do you feel drained and fatigued? Have you been told that you have potential but you can’t realize it? There is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone. Usually, answers to all the questions lie within you. All you need to do is look for it.

In this fast-paced life, we somewhere forget to care for ourselves. With our hectic schedule and never-ending rat race, we tend to push away our own self in order to achieve something materialistic. Our aspirations and goals are most of the time directed towards something materialistic it’s hard to think of why we do what we do on a daily basis. This is the best time to analyze our activities and our real intention in doing them. For example, asking yourself, why am I doing this job? Commonly what answers we think of are at their core materialistic. Like, I do this job to earn money and have the luxury or feed my family or myself. Among these needs and wants and responsibility, we sideline our selves. Taking your care is essential for a healthy state of mind. This will in turn help you in achieving your goals better as you will have a stable and happy mind. We say the Mind is the master but in Indian philosophy, it is the aatma; the soulwhich is of greater importance. As your soul and its state precede over your brain. The brain is just another physical organ according to Indian philosophy. But aatma is the master. The one who can be in charge of his/her aatma will surely attain salvation according to many Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. 

 Among many beliefs in Indian philosophy one which is popularly known as the Chakras. Chakras are literally meaning wheels that are associated with a person’s well-being are said to be present in everyone’s physical body throughout the column of our spinal cord. The concept of Chakras is mentioned in both Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. In ancient Hindu thought, seven chakras are mentioned whereas in Buddhist thought only five are mentioned. These chakras are the focal point of energy, which can be unlocked through which one can achieve better health and relationships.

These chakras are – Base or Root chakra which is located at the base of the spine. Stimulating this Chakra will promote confidence and balance in your life. And to unblock this chakra you should connect with the Earth through walking bare feet on grass and connect with nature, practice mindful walking, and do squats. This chakra also governs your bladder, kidney, and spine.

Sacral chakra

Is associated with pleasure, sensuality, emotions, and desire.It is located in the lower abdomen 2 to 3 inches below the navel. To unlock the energy in this chakra you should connect with water by taking a warm bath, visiting lakes. Foods like orange, mango peaches, and coconut can also help you in this process.  Harnessing the power of this chakra will make you feel stimulated and full of ideas. You will be able to perform as well as enjoy your sexual life in a balanced way.

Solar plexus chakra

 It is present above the navel right where the diaphragm starts. Aligning this chakra will result in you being self-motivated and have a sense of purpose. This would also help to improve your digestion and immune system.  Blocked chakra is indicated if you suffer from low self-esteem, self-control issues, and no decision making power. To unlock the energy you should sit around a bonfire, do meditation with candles and diyas.

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Heart chakra

 It is associated with compassion, affection, and love. When aligned this chakra radiates the energy from the center of your chest like in waves towards the surrounding parts. Unblocking this chakra will help with better circulation and blood pressure. This also promotes your ability to forgive and accept. This also provides you with peace and compassion towards others and your own self. To radiate this energy you should meditate outside, drive with windows down, do breathing exercises.

Throat chakra

located in your throat. It is responsible for communication. Unlocking this energy would help you with expressing the truth, balanced thyroid, and better communication skills. To unfold this energy you should sing, write a journal, watch clouds pass. Also saying affirming things like ‘I express’ to yourself would be beneficial.

Third eye chakra

 This is responsible for intuition, awareness, and guidance. It is located in the middle of your eyebrows. When this chakra opens you will feel a deep spiritual connection, a clear distinction between reality and illusions of the world. To activate this energy you must put your gadgets away. You should also eat indigo-colored fruits. And most importantly be conscious of your third eye.

Crown chakra

 Present on top of the head. It is the gateway to spiritual wisdom and clarity. Symptoms that this chakra is blocked are feeling isolated, nerve pain, depression, and insomnia. When this chakra is active you would feel stronger and would be firm about your inner guidance. In order to open this chakra, you would have to give up egoism, practice fasting in order to flush toxins out from your body. This chakra will take you above and beyond towards the higher-self.

Opening up your chakras is a slow process and it should be don’t that way as opening all your blocked chakras at once would produce too much light/ energy from within which can in turn act as dangerous. You should start opening up chakras from the 7 th chakra that if the root chakra. With all your chakras aligned you would feel a wave of energy at all times. It must be difficult to attain but one reached you would unleash the power of energy. You yourself will become the powerhouse of it. There are various yoga poses to help support your spiritual journey. Through which you would surely be able to take a break from your busy life. Especially in this time of crisis, where most of us feel anxiety and stress, your mind and soul require much love from you.


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