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Top Ten Indian Youtube Channels You Could Study From Today!

Stressed and depressed from all the studies you have to do? Well, not anymore! Check out these Youtube channels for some wonderful content.

Mechanical Engineering: Career Prospects, Salary, and Job Growth

The study of motion, energy, and force is mechanical engineering. A mechanical engineer tries to control these factors by using the material, human and economic resources to generate feasible solutions that help meet the necessities and requirements of society....

Coronavirus Pandemic – Impact on Students and Education Institutions

The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed our planet to drastically find new ways of dealing with the new normal. After the initial virus wave, it has become crucial to grasp the short and long-run impacts and future measures. Will the...

Architecture – Everything you need to know about the course

Architecture is a field that is constantly changing and developing. A profession as an architect has tremendous scope in our country. One can operate on the design & construction of houses and business enterprises. One can also join different...

Cosmetology: What is it and Why is it a Good Career Choice?

Cosmetologists are specialists involved in enhancing a client’s appearance through hair care, nail care, beauty, and skincare. Beauticians often specialize in specific areas such as nail art, makeup, hair styling, etc. The duties of a beautician involve suggesting various...

Sound Engineering: A Career where you Speak with Music

Sound is an integral and sometimes unnoticed aspect of our lives and within the media and show business industry. Whether you attended a concert that left you awestruck or a movie that had an impactful background score, it's all...

The Top Ten Art Schools You Should Aim For After College.

Confused on what to do after school ends? If you are not into science and the like, maybe these art schools shall interest you.

Is Content Writing Challenging? Challenges Faced In The Field.

Have you had trouble writing content in the past? Don't know what to do? Here are some solutions for troubles faced in content writing.

Infosys – Making The Perfect Off-Campus Placement Application.

With the pandemic putting a wrench in all plans, we suppose you don't know which company to apply to. Here are tips to apply at Infosys.

How To Choose The Right Country for A Foreign degree

A foreign degree is way more than just an academic qualification, it is an experience of a lifetime. When you move to a new country to explore new cultures, new opportunities, a new education system, and a new lifestyle,...

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