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Cool facts about a Capricorn

Capricorns are the often-misunderstood creatures among all the zodiac signs. They are often considered over-ambitious, boring, unforgiving and heartless. They are born from December 23rd to January 20th and are ruled by the planet Saturn which makes them arrogant, harsh, dictatorial, distrusting as well as difficult to mix with. But beyond their hardened exterior and unsympathetic attitude, there’s much more which you can unfold only with patience and perseverance from your side.  

Cool facts about a Capricorn
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Capricorns are often mistaken to be arrogant and cold-hearted but once you gain their confidence, they are really great companions. Public display of emotion is not in their nature, which gives them a very serious demeanour. Their nature doesn’t win them many friends but once they have befriended you, they would be very possessive and would love and treasure you like anything! They prefer showing their love through actions such as taking great care of you, but seldom would they express themselves in words.    

Capricorns are highly career oriented and ambitious in their mentality. They set high career goals for themselves and aspire to overcome it by any possible means. Noted for their workaholic personality, strong determination, commitment, perseverance and their exemplary dedication to duty, they make excellent professionals in the field of business management as well as in academic and sports training. They possess a wide knowledge in almost every field which makes them very resourceful. Loyalty and faithfulness are the qualities they admire the most, both within themselves as well within people surrounding them.    

Capricorns define the word maturity and sophistication. They engage in a lot of research work before landing to a conclusion. Rarely are they biased or quick decision makers and they always prefer listening to both sides of the story before giving out their judgement. Flexibility and adaptability to any place and any situation is a quality they are born with. They are matured enough to take responsibility for their mistakes without putting the blame on others and they use it as an opportunity to learn and to develop themselves. Resilient and calm in nature, they rarely wait for miracles to happen and control their lives in their own way.  

Cool facts about a Capricorn
Liam Hemsworth- an extremely talented Capricorn actor (Courtesy: wikipedia)

Capricorn women are mentally strong and elegant in nature. She always wears that invisible crown and don’t wait for others to compliment her. Individualistic and confident, she imparts and shares her knowledge with everyone around without feeling insecure and hesitant. She is very clear about her purpose and her opinions and no amount of betrayal or treachery can break her. Patient and calm, she knows exactly how to strike the perfect balance in every sphere of life.

But beyond all this rosy picture lies their dark side and that is irrespective of zodiac signs which every man has. But since Capricorns are special, their weaknesses deserve to be mentioned! These people are not the most optimistic creatures, rather, they wait for the very worst to happen! To some people it may seem like a good quality, since this characteristic makes one stay prepared for any adversity but sometimes, hope is a good thing! Sometimes that’s all people live for! But the overly realist nature of the Capricorn does not allow for much Optimism and giving out hope. Also, their determination is sometimes so strong that it boils down to biasedness or stupidity. They can become stubborn beyond reason and run behind one aim even if that is not proving to be of any benefit or rather, harming them. Giving second thoughts and re-assessment in not in their dictionary!

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Cool facts about a Capricorn
Anthony Hopkins- a Capricorn Academy Award Winning Actor (Courtesy: wikipedia)

Also, I would take the liberty and would dare to mention that they don’t seem to be the personality that likes art and creativity, rather they are the ones who will be extremely rooted to tradition, an absolute realist and have more chances of being a Science or a Mathematics person. Also, they can be excellent managers and are strong supervisors. Again, I must admit here I might be totally wrong!     

Cool facts about a Capricorn
Swami Vivekananda- a Capricorn and the greatest visionary to walk the Earth (Courtesy: wikipedia)

Here are some dating hacks if you are looking forward to impress a Capricorn man! Capricorn-men don’t spare a moment, if the inquiry is to step into novel relations or not. Know that they wish to have just genuine relations and they will deny one night-stands. They likewise require profound passionate association. In the initial stages, they might be somewhat limited and cold, yet when they feel secured and warmth, they will change their conduct. They look for such a lady who will have a similar life goals, as she can bolster their ambition.

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Capricorn ladies don’t jump into relations. In case you are looking forward to impress a Capricorn woman then here are some dating hacks! You need to give them time. Show that you are certain and that you wish for genuine relations, as they are searching for enduring and trustworthy relations. You need to dazzle them and you can do that by some pleasant endowments. By and by, don’t go through an excess of presents, as these ladies will feel that you want to buy them. Commonly, these ladies like to lead the connections, so be prepared to surrender your positions. You won’t get sex from them on the first date itself. Try not to rush. Else, you will drive them away and they’ll leave you. This women-type requires stability, seriousness and convenience in personal relations. They likewise lean towards intellectually developed men who consistently can express sharp things and would consistently keep live enthusiasm in any discussion. In such occasion, your chances will sufficiently enhance.

Cool facts about a Capricorn
Diane Keaton- most talented actress, Academy Award winner and a Capricorn (Courtesy: telegraph.co.uk)

Brown, Grey, Black are the lucky colours for a Capricorn. Their lucky day of the week is Saturday and their lucky numbers are 1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 22, 26. Their workaholic nature often stretches beyond the safe limit creating serious health disorders. They need to take special care of their skin, bones, mental health and are prone to rheumatism, arthritis etc. Taurus, Cancer and Virgo are the zodiac signs they are most compatible with. 

So that concludes my opinion and analysis on this wonderful zodiac sign and the Capricorn tribe! All Capricorns (and others too) are welcomed to leave your feedback in the comment section below. Hope this proves to be a good leisure read while you have that morning cup of Cappuccino or a lazy scan-through before you say good bye to the day!

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