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Can love be arranged

Love is the feeling of eternal bliss, affection, care, compassion and contentment. Love just happens. It can happen anytime anywhere with anyone. It is not a science that follows some principles and has to meet some prerequisite conditions to happen. It can only be felt. One can be even completely unaware while falling for someone. It’s just a magnetizing force which makes you long for the other person. It strengthens when one feels compatible with the other person with time, learns to appreciate the other person’s strengths and accepts them wholeheartedly with their flaws and shortcomings. It happens with time and only when you want to do it for the sake of togetherness. The desire for this togetherness comes from within and can never be forcefully ignited in any one’s heart. Love is natural. It is the heart, the inner self that accepts, rejects and makes people special in life. The brain cannot force the heart to do so.

Arranging love is just a superficial concept. What love will it be when you have not fallen for someone yourself instead you are made to do so. Your partner has been provided to you and that is the brain which makes your heart to forcefully accept the person and get used to them. It is then that the inability to change the situation or passive acceptance that makes you sacrifice your desire to seek love the natural way and accept the arranged soul mate. It is then that you start seeking positives in the other person and neglecting the negatives or hoping that they change. While natural love gives you the contentment and happiness the arranged love makes you learn the art of acceptance and that of hunting compatibility factor due to lack of choice. No wonder you will gradually fall in love with the other person arranged for you but then it will take time and a lot of effort from both the sides.

It is this reason that we see around cases of immense fights, divorces and sometimes the frustration leading to petty crimes. When god has created love in its nature we are nobody to force it to someone neither to ourselves. Love can be arranged for you by your friends or family but then I see no point why? The feeling of is innate to everyone, it’s just that some may relate to it in an early phase in life and the rest in the latter phases of life. But everyone does.

For a better insight let’s be clear that it doesn’t just relate to the concept of love for soul mate, you can’t forcefully love anything in this world. Take a small kid, if he hates mathematics as a subject, you can only in some way force him to study it but not like the subject as much as he may like playing a sport while similarly, for a child who love studying you can just make him play a sport but not ignite that same desire for it.

Let’s just break the rudimentary thoughts being carried forward and be open enough in approach to accept the fact that the feeling of love is innate, selfless, and unconditional and purely one’s own desire. Let’s plant some love in our hearts and not in our brains.


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