Lost Memory

self love

Sat there as my mind wonder In thousands ways,

Hold it to calm it and looked inside only to see you.

Smile that made my day now vanished as a lost memory,

But still the only face in my mind belongs to you

Talks that made us laugh like crazies, now gone with the time,

But what is with me is you.

Left me alone gone a long distance, that I will never be able to overcome,

But what is special is you.

Those eyes which made my heart skip a beat are nowhere to be seen,

But what is there are photographs of you.

I cry not because you are gone ,

But because our journey together was a little small.

Deep down in my heart I know you are happy,

But it makes me upset to not know where you are.

I wish I could get a second chance to make things go right,

But what breaks my heart is that will never happen.

I try to move on,

But those roads we walked together stop me from doing so.

I know you never miss me,

But what tears me apart is that I can’t stop missing you.

I know you will never come back,

But what shatters me is that I know it’s true.


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