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Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Men!

Do you reach your office late every day because you can’t decide what to wear? If yes, then try having a capsule wardrobe! Hearing the word ‘capsule wardrobe’ for the first time? Not to worry, we will tell you everything about the same in this post! 

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Trendy capsule wardrobe in beige and light blue on a rail rack.
Trendy capsule wardrobe in beige and light blue on a rail rack.

Before proceeding with anything let’s understand what a capsule wardrobe is. It’s a collection of important clothes that are mixed and matched together for creating a number of outfits. 

As your capsule wardrobe will have classic selection of clothes so it will last for a long time and can also be worn in different ways. Also, this way you will save enough money as they will not go outdated in years. This is completely the opposite of today’s fashion logic, which pushes you to purchase trendy clothes of poor quality that last only for few months. 

The men’s capsule wardrobe follows three fundamental principles:

Timeless and Classic Styles: The capsule wardrobe for men is not about clothes quantity but quality. Clothing pieces in your capsule wardrobe are built to last for years. 

Versatile Pieces: The main goal of a capsule wardrobe for men is to accomplish more with less. The outfits in your wardrobe can make number of outfits as possible. 

Neutral Tones: Neutrality is a critical aspect of capsule wardrobe. Neutrals work well together and with different shades which ease the process of mix and match. 

Why Do Men Need Capsule Wardrobes?

Capsule Wardrobe
Trendy capsule wardrobe in beige and light blue on a rail rack

Do you know why men should need capsule wardrobes? To make their lives easier! Men actually don’t plan anything before going for shopping. That’s why they end up repeating old and boring outfits or with so many outfits and waste their time deciding what to wear. 

Not only building an office capsule wardrobe will give you a stylish look but will save your excess money that you spend on buying clothes and don’t carry! 

Still, wondering whether a capsule wardrobe is the right choice for you or not? You will get benefit from it if your answer is ‘yes’ to the below-given questions:

  • With no effort, you wish to look more fashionable
  • Planning what to wear is stressful and at last, you wear whatever comes in front of your eyes
  • The clothes in your closet are full that you hardly wear
  • You fail to decide what you want in your closet 

Benefits of Capsule Wardrobe

Clothes rack - Capsule eco friendly wardrobe.
Clothes rack – Capsule eco friendly wardrobe.

Eager to know about the capsule wardrobe benefits? Wondering will it be beneficial for you or not? Listed below are some benefits of capsule wardrobe that you can check:

  • Get Dressed Quickly

The presence of less clothes and a well-organized closet will help you to get ready faster. Every outfit will be visible to you which will help you in deciding what to wear. 

  • Wear Everything you Own

Tidy and limited set of garments will push you to wear all you have. 

  • Save Money 

When you have an office capsule wardrobe then you will know what you have and what you need to buy. This will help you in avoiding impulse buying which will save enough money too. 

  • Less Clutter, More Space

Is your closet overfilled with clothes you rarely wear? A capsule wardrobe will help you in realizing that you don’t need too many clothes, just need the proper ones. This, in turn, will help in decluttering your closet thus leaving you with a fabulous wardrobe. 

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Essential Items for Men’s Capsule Office Wardrobe

Here we have jotted down few essential items for men’s capsule office wardrobe that you can check:

The Perfect Suit

Doesn’t matter if you are not a suit person, the point is that you will require 2 or 3 suits for some occasional wedding or any random interview. So, include either a 2- or 3-piece suit as per your taste. 

If it’s about colour choice then you will not go wrong with navy blue or grey suit. At times, grey suit might look too corporate, if you want you can go with a navy-blue suit. 

Classic Plain and Patterned Shirts

You must have at least 8-10 shirts in your wardrobe. A classic white shirt can easily beat any style and gives a perfect formal look. For formal events or some business meetings, you should have black, brown, white, and blue shirts. It’s up to you whether you prefer plain or patterned shirts with cheques, dots, stripes and so on. 

Basic Formal T-shirts 

T-shirts are the most comfortable outfit that you must have in your wardrobe. They are available in different styles, fits and colours so you can choose the one you think seems perfect for office wear. They can easily be worn with anything; be it jeans, chinos or trousers. 

When you select t-shirts, it’s better to go with versatile colours to match easily with other pieces. Not only do they enhance the complete look, however, they provide comfort and are suitable for all weather. 

The Chino Pants

Chinos are quite trendy these days and can be worn easily with anything. They make a perfect choice for office, night out, business meetings and so on. With proper accessories, you can give yourself a professional look. Navy, Gray and Khaki chinos are best for your capsule wardrobe. 

Dark Denim Jeans

Every man must have quality jeans in their capsule wardrobe. One can pair jeans with a dress shirt, t-shirt or blazer. They are perfect for different occasions from formal to casual. 

Start with 2-3 pairs of jeans initially and then you can add more as per your need. 

Classic Dress Shoes Pair

Add quality leather dress shoes to your capsule wardrobe which is an ideal choice for formal occasions. Remember to choose a simple one; no broguing, toe caps, etc. 

Black or a simple dark brown oxford looks more versatile as compared to brown and is perfect for every event. 

Corporate Socks

Many men feel socks are not something important to consider. They think shoes are the first thing that people observe. Do you know this is the case with socks too? Yes, socks! If someone is wearing yellow dirty socks with big holes in them, that shows the person is untidy. 

Socks are available in different fabrics making them suitable for different seasons. Get some thin socks that you can wear with your formals. 

Neutral Shade Blazers

Every man should have at least one quality blazer in their capsule wardrobe. It’s something that one can carry with chinos, jeans, shirt etc. 

  • Opt for good textured material to add some grace to your entire look. They are available in different materials like cotton, velvet, tweed, linen etc. 
  • Select a neutral colour blazer like navy, black or grey
  • Accessorize with the tie, pocket square or scarf to give your outfit a great look

Trench Coat

Trench coat looks stylish that you must keep it in your capsule wardrobe. It’s better to get a coat that properly fits your body for giving a perfect look. 

Few Key Accessories

Capsule wardrobe is all about mix and match, hence you will require some accessories too. Firstly, a leather belt that matches with your shoes is vital to make you look more professional and neater. 

A quality bag of medium size will go with everything that you can buy for your capsule wardrobe. A nice watch, sunglasses, wallet is also something you must consider. 

Some men love to keep accessories while others hate them. Accessories are quite small and won’t take up much space. Also, these accessories at times can enhance your entire look. 

Plain Solid Ties

An important accessory is a tie that can elevate any outfit. There are many workplaces where it’s compulsory to carry a tie so you must at least have few. You must buy half of them in plain solid colours like navy, brown, dark green, burgundy etc. Ensure to avoid too bright red colours else you will look weird. 

Key Points for Building a Men Capsule Office Wardrobe

There are few things that you must keep in mind when planning to declutter your present closet. Listed below are points that you must remember when building an office capsule wardrobe:

  • It must be versatile No compromise on outfits quality
  • Choose classic colours
  • Right fit as well as outfit size matters
  • Invest in the correct essentials

Summing Up

Let’s end up this post with the hope that it will surely be going to help you in creating a perfect capsule wardrobe. Building an office capsule wardrobe is the perfect means to simplify one’s fashion choices, stay stylish effortlessly and save time too. 

Of course, building a capsule wardrobe is a time-consuming task particularly when a person has to start from zero. When done in a proper way, you will get a capsule wardrobe that will be very fulfilling. 

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