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Break up? Let’s move on.


DEEP BREATHING, DEEP BREATHING! Whoooooooooo Phewwwwwwwwww… She continued to do as advised.
“It is only a breakup! Try to calm down”
“How? It is like somebody stuck a knife into my throat. I am incapable of breathing. The world is spinning!!”
“It always did, only you were ignorant”
“I guess that’s it. I was IGNORANT” and subtly she made it all her fault and slipped into her comfortable wear just to snuck into bed on a beautiful spring evening.

Is there a reason why a girl feels so many emotions at the same moment when boys are gifted with the emotional range of a teaspoon? Well nobody can answer that without being a feminist. So this question at this juncture is irrelevant. Let’s rephrase.

After a heart break, is there some magical way to flip all our inner dilemma into something productive and move on with correcting the mistakes(if made any) in the past relationships? Hands down, there obviously is (at least that’s what my experience and Carrie Bradshaw says).

No binge eating:

As much as we crave for a double choco chip dark chocolate sundae, there are so many alternatives in its place to actually make you feel better by releasing those ‘make good feel’ hormones. It is completely alright to invest in chocolates as they say it cures depression but to totally shift to a diet which is so harsh to those darling curves is being rude to your own body. Incorporate fruits and salad in your diet. They are a healthy and low fat substitute which leave your skin glowing and your body bloat free.

No dark rooms and crying:

Why shut all the colours behind the blinds and sob for the person who is entirely clueless about your situation? As much as we girls believe in ‘letting it all out’, there are a few others who focus on spending all this energy into something productive. Weeping to some extent makes one feel good but also leaves the skin in a pretty bad shape. Get out, make plans, and go adventuring.

Stop blaming and love yourself:

Those questions WHY, WAS IT MY FAULT, WE COULD HAVE BEEN… etc., do occur after a jilt but they should not be entertained. Be a level headed smart woman, who has her issues under control. Do not let your insecurities get the best of you. Have a positive attitude, let go and believe in the universe’s plan.

Do not be afraid to fall in love again:


Love is a beautiful feeling and what if one did not respect it or you two broke up? There is always a reason why it did not workout and a sign that it’s time to get adept to a much evolved feeling of love from a better person or to be perfectly single and discover oneself. It’s up to you girl! As long as you respect yourself, make it a point to look pretty for yourself, walk with head held high and keep all the negative vibes out, it would indicate that you are dealing with your love life-crisis pretty and well.

In the end I would like to quote Shakespeare,
“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”.


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