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12 most rated romantic movies of Hollywood

Movies are never out of trend, especially when you have a partner and he is also as romantic as you are. There...

Top K-DRAMAS of all time.

Korean Dramas! Korean Drama serves romance at its best level and those interesting plots becomes icing on the cake.  Are you a fan too? If...

Break up ? Let’s move on.

  DEEP BREATHING, DEEP BREATHING! Whoooooooooo Phewwwwwwwwww... She continued to do as advised. "It is only a breakup! Try to calm down" "How? It is like somebody...

See with Your Eyes Closed

She woke up startled, she was late again, she hurried to the bathroom to take shower and get ready for work. As she stopped...
Cute Girl Wallpaper Photography

Mad Girl Part-1

One of the things I hate about this town is the Town hall. It's where there is to go, and everyone goes there. The...