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30 Things Only Booklovers Can Relate To

Some love to draw, some love to paint, some love to dance, some love to sing, but we the book lovers live because of books, for books, by books, and into books.

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1. Your day starts with a book.

Your day starts with a book. While others like to start their daily routine with newspapers and magazines you love to start your day with a book without which you feel incomplete. A chapter of a book refreshes your mind to face the world every day.

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2. None can beat you in an argument on literature or related to it.

When it comes to literature none can beat you neither in arguments nor in debates relating to literature or related to it. You read a lot so you know a lot.

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3. The most difficult situation is when someone asks you about your favorite authors because you do not have one but many in different genres.

Remember when one of your friend or relatives ask you about your favorite author it becomes difficult for you to answer their question as you don’t have anyone but many in different genres. Not only in different genres but also in different eras.

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4. Your party is just you and your book.

You like to party love to party with just you and your book away from the noisy crowd to your own comfort zone in your own room in your own world dreaming with open eyes. You prefer to read than to go out and party.

5. You always aspire to own a bookstore or a library.

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One of your aspirations is to either open a bookstore or to open a library where you can spend time reading books and books in your own nook and corner.

6. People who hate books are not your type of people.

You get distressed when people tell you that they are not much into reading and are not fond of reading. You feel sad for them that they are not fond of reading much. You get disappointed when they tell you that they hate books as they haven’t got the right type of book to read till now.

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7. You give books as a gift to your friends and family on their birthdays.

When it comes to gifts you love to give others books on their birthdays.Y ou have a lot you give a lot. You try to develop reading habits in them too that’s why you give books to them.

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8. Your favorite thing is to arrange your bookshelf.

You arrange and rearrange your bookshelf as people do with their cupboard. You love to count your book collection with each book in your hand you want more to be added to your bookshelf. The more you arrange books the more you want to be added to it.

9. People who don’t have books and bookshelves in their home are for not you.

Whenever you visit someone at their place you quietly search for books kept in bookshelf you get disappointed when you don’t find even a single book. You wonder how they live without a book. A house without a book in it is not a house for you.

10. Person with a book in hand means new friend.

You become friends with people who love reading as much as you do. A book in hand means a person knows how to remain happy with a  book. You see a person with a book you discuss a book with him discuss the characters in the book and in no time you become friends with the same hobbies the same type.

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11. You have a number of books added in your wishlist.

Whenever you search a book online you add it to your wishing list.You have already added books to your Wishing list you end up adding more to it which one day you’ll buy those books.

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12. You spend your half earning in buying books.

You spend your half earning in buying books which you always wanted to read you earn to read and buy books as you know Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy books for you which is same for you. The feeling when you buy a book from your own money is a priceless feeling for you.

13. Free shipping on books means a golden opportunity for you which you never miss.

The happy hours for you are when e-shopping sites provide free shipping on books or give heavy discounts on your favorite books. That is like a golden opportunity that you don’t miss.

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14. Your room, your cupboard is filled with books and only books.

You have so many books that you keep your books in your cupboard.Your room has a bookshelf full of books and only books.

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15. You always want to take a lifetime membership so that you can read more and more books.

You always want to take membership of libraries so that you can read more and more books. Books which you are not able to get elsewhere.

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16. You just love the smell of books.

Whenever you are in a bad mood nothing but the sweet smell of books makes you happy irrespective of the type of book whether it is old or new books.

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17. You have bookmarked articles on reading in your browsers.

You read articles write articles to read every damn article and specially articles related to literature and books from mystery books to classics you love to read articles. Articles that amaze you bookmark them in your browsers whether google or opera.

18. Your social account is too filled with books.

You post about books you like book pages your cover photo, your profile picture is also related to books. Your every social account is filled with book images.

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19. Person who loves books as much you do is a diamond for you.

It is like a cherry on cake for you when you meet someone who likes and loves books same as you do. When you meet a person who likes to read books of authors you also like is like getting a diamond for you. You talk about books discuss books with them.

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20. You travel all around the world by reading.

People travel by roadways, by railways, by airways, by waterways, by spending so much money. You also travel a lot by living with the characters of the books the places which they travel you to travel with them. You travel more than other people. You travel every place from New York to Europe. You don’t have to take luggage with you-you just have to open your book and get lost in your own world. You imagine you dream you travel with open eyes with every page you turn.

21. You always want to meet the characters from your favorite books.

Your dream is to meet your favorite character from the books you read you have read. You imagine them in your dreams while reading books you are also making their picture in your mind.

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22. You get scolded from your family and friends for reading so much.

You read so much that sometimes you get chided from your close friends family. You read books even in your exam time. You read books more than your textbooks. You read a lot. You can read a book at any time anywhere.

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23. You don’t buy books you invest in them that’s your principle.

When people tell you not to waste money in buying books and only books. You don’t get agitated instead you tell them that you don’t buy books you invest in them in a very polite manner. The books which you buy are an asset to you which will be with you forever. Once you get a book in your hand its with you forever.

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24. You love books of every length.

You love to read books of every length. You love the book Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy same as you love Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. You don’t read books according to pages in it. You read books of every length. You don’t judge a book by the number of pages it has. Length is just a number for you when it comes to reading books.

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25. You smile, you cry, you curse, you imagine, you laugh, while reading a book.

You don’t read a book but you live with it. You cry you laugh, you get angry as the book goes on you just flow with it with emotions. You too become one of the characters from the book. You feel the book as you read same as the writer feels the book when he writes it. You get emotional and at the same time, you get normal while reading a book.

26. You live the life of characters from the books with the author.

When you read a book it looks that you are with the author writing the book thats the magic of books that you get lost completely lost in the world of books.

27. You always carry a book with you.

You never step out without a book because you know very well that If you have a book with you always have a place to be happy with book. You don’t need other when you have a whole world in your hand hidden in the pages of the book. Each turning of a page lands you in a different world which is far better than the real world.

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28. You get refreshed by reading.

People do swimming to refresh their mind they do deep sea diving to refresh their mind people do every type of sport and do recreational activities to refresh their mind and body. You love to read books instead of following people. You get refreshed emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically by reading a book in silence. A great book not only refreshes your mind but also your health.

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29. You love to share books, discuss books with the people you meet.

When you meet people after introducing and getting introduced you jump to books the books they like and love, you ask them about the books they are reading books they have read and books they wish to read. If they have read book which you also have then its a lovely time for you to discuss books with same zeal and enthusiasm in you and other people that you meet every day.

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30. Reading is like meditation for you.

Reading is a complete exercise for you. It is something which gives you confidence, your stress reliever. Books do what nobody can do. They give you courage and confidence to go and face the world. Reading prepares you your mind your body your soul to face every situation of life. When none is there with you they are with you. Reading makes you strong in every way. It is like meditation to you for you by you.

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Pallavi Dutta
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