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Talking from the first launching of Indian Movie to the latest 2016.Fashion in India has been defined by the beautiful actresses making an era itself. It has been  thousands  of youngsters to carry themselves as a new defined “FASHIONISTA

1960 The blooming era

mumtaz-saree-styleIf we talk of 1960’s  fashion it was full of extreme style  and hairy looks.Sarees which have been a long lasting style for an Indian women was defined in a new manner by MUMTAZ calling itself as “MUMTAZ SAREES”. Brought on the silver screen in “RAM AND SHYAM”movie .Sarees became a fashionable item.

FIGURE HUGGING SUIT means “ chipku suits”  Awesome style.

This kind of suit  defining an Indian lady in an extremely beautiful manner.The trendy style became a fashion with sleeveless churidar kurta.

Hair Styles (oh god kya kehna aaj bhi itna stylish hai)

Big poofy hair and winged eyeliners all because of SAIRA BANU


It was an unforgettable fashion  which was seen very frequently  on the roads  shops and business world. Eyewears with a style gave eyecatchy look to all type of dresses worn on Indian bodies.

BOBBIE PRINT”  LEFT INDIAN AGEGAPS  by wearing her polka dotted shirts knotted on her chestand black mini skirt.”UFF

1980- Gangster culture

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The cabiret  singers flowing in glittering gowns use to make thousands of man hearts go on fire.When zeenat aman was introduced with a tune of “LAILA MEIN LAILA”made the sudience lost their heart. HEMA MALINI’s black number was WOW

1980 will also be rembered  for its royal anarkalis .

1990The Makeover

It witnessed a huge change with high heels with peel,scalf,floral clips.FUNKY-CHUNKY jewellaries were an additive feature.Metallic and matte lipsticks were just OOPS.

2000 IT just does not  require any  words to express .The below pictures automatically speaks out.


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