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Bhangarh Fort: Officially Haunted

We have heard about the places which are haunted by restless spirits. The ghost stories might scare the shirt out of us, but still we love the the thrill and goose bumps that we get on hearing or watching those stories. Many of them are limited to just local tales. But, the horror factor of some haunted places is acknowledged world widely. One such example is Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan. Bhangarh Fort is situated between Jaipur and Alwar. The great Mughal general Man Singh’s younger brother, Madho Singh built this beautiful fort which is now severely deserted. Here, you can touch, feel, and explore the fear factor. Bhangarh Fort- the leagal resiBhangarh Fort: Officially Haunteddent of ghosts. This is home to a lot of paranormal activities and of course our beloved ghosts. This place is believed to be haunted by numerous supernatural beings. No one is allowed to enter the fort after sunset and before sunrise. Many stories of missing and killing of people entering the haunted place after dark are popular here. The Archeological Survey of India has put a board outside Bhangarh Fort reading “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” Many rumoured stories
are associated with Bhangarh Fort. The most prominent one is that the fort was cursed by an evil wizard. He cursed that no one would be able to survive in this town and the destruction took place in Bhangarh. You can easily find local folks talking about the unusual activities occurring inside the fort. According to local residents, they hear many voices inside the much-hyped place. You will rarely see any residential properties near the fort. Being the only place in India which is declared officially haunted by Indian government, one needs to seek permission from the government of India in order to enter Bhangarh Fort in the dark. It is said that dark has engulfed a lot of lives.

So many tourists have declared that they felt a psychic energy while exploring the haunted fort. Various dare devils have tried to investigate the place after sunset, but none of them reported back. Only the news of their death, going mad or missing forever is noticed so far. Bhangarh Fort is surrounded by beautiful green scenery. If you are an adventurous soul, get your bags ready and plan a terrific trip to Bhangarh Fort. Be sure to leave the place before sunset, otherwise who knows what happens next…


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