Top 10 Indoor Plants That Call For A Seat In Your Bedroom

Asking yourself for a transformation, or adding up some life to your own space? Then what can be much better than encapsulating your favorite corner of your bedroom with freshness, greens, and herbage? Yes, you read that right! Indoor plants are one of the best cost-friendly investments that you can have for your living space. Be it a beginner or an intermediate, we all know that growing plants need ample care and patience with each passing day. But most amongst us are already preoccupied with our own working lifestyles. And so we often skip having plants and growth in the overall reconstruct.

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However, you need not worry, as there are other various options that are in the market out there. Do I mean indoor plants that need less maintenance as compared to others? Well, might be! Indoor plants not only give your personalized space a lively and green touch, but they purify the air you breathe and thus making your place environment worth living. 

Facing hindrances and trying to get over a peaceful sleep at night? Then for what you are hanging on, go and grab some greens for your bedroom. Not only will they cleanse the air around you, but studies show that these will help you get seamless sleep being your decisive stress booster. Scroll down to know the top 10 indoor plants and their amazing, relaxing, and fantastic benefits you would get if you have them in your bedroom.

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Monstera Deliciosa

These are brilliant options for indoor plants as they don’t crave long-term nursing. Yes, once you get them augmenting, then they’re super easy to take care of. As then these would grow at their own pace. These noticeable, attractive leafy plants grow quite well if your environment is having a warmer temperature.

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And the best part is that the Monstera Deliciosa needs to be watered only in an interval of one or two weeks. The idea here is to let the soil dry out for a while and then shower it with water. Also, if your bedroom doesn’t get the maximum sunlight, then these are the indoor plants you can have for yourself. The plant desires bright to medium indirect sunlight. What’s even more? These kinda green leafy plants have been studied which shows that these indoor plants do the most relevant job of purifying the air. Cutting down the air corrupting agents like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

Rubber Tree

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Are you among those, who think that my plants will perish with time if I let slip off them? If yes, then go and get a rubber tree. Among these top 10 indoor plants, this is the one with the lowest guardianship. Apart from this, what you need to know that the rubber tree is not pet friendly. And you need to keep it in a vicinity that receives the bright sunlight that it calls for. Although weekly watering is needed. At least much better than those plants that demand overwatering 24-hourly. Give the plant a good amount of space to grow happily, making your space cleansed by drawing out carbon dioxide.

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Spider Plant


These plants are among those that necessitate minimal care and thereupon have been within the top 10 indoor plants one can have. Without fooling it by its name, these plants will provide the perfect jungle vibes to your space. Although, these plants ask for bright light, need not be direct. And so, these will have a sound couch in your bedroom having a big window. Be cautious that the plant is not in direct contact with sunlight, so avoid keeping it on the window sill.

Having a spider plant will be quite rejuvenating for you as it acts as a great air purifier, excluding toxins such as xylene and formaldehyde

Philodendron Green

If your living environment has the appropriate indoor conditions, these plants crave, then you must not fail to add them up to your decor. These decent heart shape greens will embellish your spot specifically if you let them grow in a higher shelf-like structure. Yes, you’re guessing in the right trajectory, “The perfect hanging greens that will fancify your living space”.

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Even though these indoor plants do not top the list of performing the job of purification. However, they do filter formaldehyde. But, the good part is yet to come, and that is, these plants urge for minimal maintenance. Exceedingly easy to trim down and proliferate. So all the newbies, out there, for what are you holding on? Go and have a hand on these ravishing philodendrons.

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ZZ Plant


Are you among those who absolutely wish to have a bloom of greens in your own living space but withdraws anyway just because of the lower light condition? Worry not, there’s still a plant that fits the best in your decor checklist. And that is none other than the ZZ plant. The ZZ plant is known to be connected with a saying that, having this in your space exemplifies wealthiness and friendship. And so this becomes one of the most sweetened housewarming gifts that you can get for your loved and nearer ones. This indoor plant can prevail on a lower sunlight habitat as they’re blessed with drought-tolerant and thus demand inconsiderable care and feeding. If you’re a person who travels a lot, then is the plant you can have in your bedroom. Being drought-intolerant, these plants crave monthly watering especially during the blooming season. That is, in summers and spring.

Peace Lily

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This plant is quite common among bedroom plants as it is known for its ability to detoxify the air surrounding your space. Bring a peace lily to your bedroom and get that uninterrupted sleep without any troubles as of sniffing or wheezing. Not only that peace lily gives you a soothing touch due to its appearance but this plant is super easy to take care of.

Aloe Vera

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I know this is among the most popular plants we have in our homes. Apart from this, the Aloe Vera is one of NASA’s top air-purifying plants. This fantastic plant works much like the Snake plant. It releases oxygen at night, which leads to a better quality of air and a goodnight’s sleep. Aloe Vera is one of the easiest plants to grow and take care of as it doesn’t crave frequent watering. Aloe Vera will have a perfect seat on your bedroom’s window sill as this plant does need an ample amount of direct sunlight.

And, how can I forget to recount it’s amazing health and beauty benefits? You can use the aloe vera gel by scraping it carefully from its leaves. It’s a multipurpose gel that holds the ability to cure some skin-related issues. Also, the gel is used as a topical treatment for minor cuts and burns, insect bites, and even to deal with dry-patchy skin.

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Snake Plant

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Not again, huh! Don’t go behind the name of this plant though. The Snake plant is the most recommended plant as an indoor plant. As this will benefit you by cleansing your indoor air quality and is also quite easy to take care of. This plant doesn’t crave moist soil, it’s rather on the drier side. So, you need not water it on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, it can survive through a wide range of light levels. So, now you are left with no excuses for not having this snake plant in your space even if your room doesn’t get enough daylight.

What’s even more? This plant emits oxygen during the night, synchronously taking in carbon dioxide. So, cutting down the carbon dioxide that we naturally expels and filling the air with oxygen, this plant still tops the list.

Lavender Plant

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We all are quite familiar with the comforting fragrance of lavender. This plant is exceptional for the calming and soothing benefits it provides. So, here’s one of the best choices among the indoor plants with that subtle pop of violet color spicing up your home decor. Altogether, this plant carries the potential to lower anxiety, nervousness, and induce a night of restful sleep.

Not only this ends here, but studies show that the mild smell of lavender slows down the heart rate, lowers blood sugar levels, and mitigates stress levels. Thus, this plant will enrich your decor and gonna leave a calming scent in your living space.


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Fond of vibrant colors? Yes? Then here is the plant you can add up to your decor. These come in a decent range of colors including orange, yellow, white, and pink. Although, this plant is not pet-friendly. Coming to the maintenance, you need to keep the soil damp and keep it in bright-medium sunlight. However, if your surrounding conditions are warm and you’re having a fitting space outside your home, you can also plant them outside.

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