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Beautify Your Home with LED Ceiling Fans

A fan is one of those electrical devices that are found in almost every home, regardless of location or financial status. Since its invention, this home appliance has seen a lot of change, the recent advancement of which has resulted in a LED ceiling fan.

Most of these designer LED ceiling fans integrate light and ceiling fans to fulfil decorative and other functional purposes. It can be considered an excellent mix of traditional and modern elegance. Being the first to launch LED ceiling fans in India, reliable brands like Luminous, have a wide range of LED ceiling fans.

You must have seen that in Indian households we prefer to equip a fan in the center of the room. It is because when equipped in the center the ceiling fan provides better air flow. Though, with amazing interior décor ideas, you can end up in a dilemma of whether to have ceiling fan for functional sense or a decorative item like chandelier to add some aesthetic. LED Ceiling fans are the perfect solution for such dilemma doing good job on both aesthetic and functional fronts. If you are still baffled about opting for such fans then, here are some advantages of LED ceiling fans in living rooms and bedrooms:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Ceiling fans with lights come in different designs that are simple yet beautiful to look at. These include New York style, Italian style, Jaipur Style, Rio Style, and many others. Before choosing one that fits the interior decoration of a room, home designers can go through a wide range of models. There various unique finishes and materials that you can choose from like wood finish, premium ABS finish.
  • Energy-Saving: Today, people prefer energy-saving lamps and environmentally friendly appliances for their homes. A LED ceiling fan comes with power-saving lights that can save a lot of electricity. They can also be used as fans and lamps together, thus reducing your power bills. Along with that, LED lights are ecofriendly and  long lasting.
  • Optimal Use of Space: Tube lights and other light fixtures usually use a lot of space. A fan fitted with light would not need any extra space. Rather, it will serve the function of light and fan, decorating the room with stunning design elements.
  • Uniform Distribution of Light: Being fitted in the center of a room, LED ceiling fans spread light uniformly in the room, unlike other light fixtures on the wall.
  • Flexibility: As per your mood, the lights on the fan can be dimmed or brightened.

Other advantages are as followed:

  1. Ceiling Fans are positioned in the center of the room, as mentioned above, and offers uniform illumination across the room. There is equal dispersion of light as the ceiling fan hanging is always in the center of the room –whereas tube lights and wall lights give higher lumens of light on the same wall but much less on opposite walls. It also makes the food look more appetizing when installed on top of the dining table since there is no shadows and equal dispersion of light.
  2. You can customize the LED ceiling fans according to your need or mood. LED lights for such models are available in multiple wattages—10W, 12W,1W. You can also select the colour tones, such as Cool Day Light, Natural White, Warm White.
  3. LED lights can be independently operated via remote control—so they leave out one precious switch slot on the wall panel (used for different light) to be used for any other use.

It’s a smart move to switch to LED ceiling fans for all of these reasons and many more. Reliable brands like Luminous provide a wide range of LED ceiling fans with IR remote control with variations of up to 5 speeds. They have LED light fixtures for every room in your home, as well as your outdoor living spaces, in addition to LED ceiling fans.

So, don’t wait and the Luminous online store to select LED ceiling fans that would add flair to your home.

Anuja Gusain
Anuja Gusain
Senior Consultant @ KPMG India | MBA-IIM C | Digital & Product


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