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Eyebrow Artistry: Tools and Techniques to Beautify the Eyebrows!

Desire to give your eyebrows a well-defined shape? Want fuller brows? If yes, then this guide is for you! Eyebrows play an imperative role in amplifying one’s overall beauty, however, people at times don’t give much attention to their brows. But do you know they can improve your complete look dramatically? Yes, you read it right! Perfectly shaped eyebrows have the power to transcend face beauty and with the right tools and techniques, it’s possible to get your dream eyebrows easily.

Tools and Techniques to Beautify Eyebrows

eyebrow lamination procedure styling, correction, coloring, eye brow care treatment
eyebrow lamination procedure styling, correction, coloring, eye brow care treatment

Want to know about the different tools and techniques to refine your brow shape? If yes, then proceed with this guide! Listed below are few tools and techniques that you can check to give your brows the shape you always dreamt of! Let’s get started with it! Happy Reading!

Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencil is an amazing and common tool that can enhance your brow colours thereby giving a perfect shape to your eyebrows. You can define the outline of your brows and fill those areas where you don’t have hairs by using an eyebrow pencil. Even, a natural-looking eyebrow palette can also be used to groom your brows to make them look attractive.

Eyebrow Brushes

Eyebrows are something that can enhance the beauty of the complete face. Your makeup will not look complete until and unless you give proper shape to your brows. Unfortunately, everyone is not blessed with natural and beautiful filled-in brows. So, in that case, an eyebrow brush can be used as fuller brows have the power to enhance the face shape by giving you a younger look.

Also, brushes are available online that you can buy to shape the eyebrows. It’s important to get the brows enhanced, shaped, and well filled-in to make your face look attractive. 


Tweezers are a handy beauty tool and are easy to use. If you have a hectic routine and don’t have time to visit the salon but still want your brows to appear perfect then using eyebrow tweezers and eyebrow plucker is the best thing that you can do on your own with much ease.

They work best when you want to get rid of stray and extra hair around your eyebrows and are available in straight, pointy, and slanted tips that you can choose as per your needs. One can also try eyebrow piercing especially those with great eyebrows to embellish their brows.

Eyebrow Razors

Eyebrow razors can be used for removing fine hair from and around the brow area. Razors for eyebrows are quite different from razors that you, at times, use to shave your hands, legs, or anything. A brow razor features a small blade at the top and a long-curved handle designed specifically for eyebrows. You can buy eyebrow shavers of different sizes to give brows a clean look. 


Microblading technique is a kind of cosmetic tattooing which makes use of a fine blade that is made up of small needles for creating small and precise cuts in your eyebrow’s skin. After that, into the cut, pigments are applied to replicate the appearance of natural hairs. It’s a technique that gives long-lasting results and needs to be done by the hands of a skilled person.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is painless, non-invasive, lasts longer and is completely safe for your brows. It uses hair colours so as to thicken your eyebrow’s appearance artificially. It’s a specialized technique that makes your eyebrows appear full and no doubt works great on everyone. 

Eyebrow Gel and Eyebrow Powder

Not all are blessed with naturally fluffy and thick eyebrows. Eyebrow gel is something that can make your thin brows appear thicker. Wondering how it works? It makes your eyebrows stick together thus giving them a perfect and fuller appearance. 

Eyebrow powder can also be used as an alternative to eyebrow pencils. It’s simple to use however needs to be applied on brows with a brush as well as at a specific angle for getting the desired perfect eyebrow shape. 

Eyebrow Pomades

Eyebrow pomades are used for defining and shaping the brows. They are available in different colours so one can choose as per their skin tone. They usually have waxes and oils in them which glides smoothly on the brows by giving it a polished and natural-looking finish. The technique is used for filling sparse areas and to improve and make the brows look neater. Eyebrow pomade is a perfect solution if you naturally wish to enhance your brow shape. 

Eyebrow Waxing 

Eyebrow waxing can help you in saving both time and money. The process removes excess hairs from the root completely so it takes time for the hairs to grow back again. During the treatment of eyebrow waxing, a hot wax layer is applied to the hairs that have to be removed. A paper strip is applied on the wax with light pressure and pulled away quickly. 

Powdered Brows

Another technique powdered brows also helps one to achieve the look of clean and fuller brows. It is also known by the name of ombre brows and uses somewhat the same procedure as microblading however have few additional benefits. Some people choose this method because it has the power to give a natural look to brows and is less invasive in nature so it won’t cause much pain. 

Eyebrow Trimmers

If you are one who won’t like rushing to salons or can’t tolerate the threading pain, can choose eyebrow trimmers. It’s a painless solution to get rid of unwanted hair. The trimmers have a sleek body and are quite easy to use. Also, trimmers are skin friendly and have a hypoallergenic blade so they will not react on your skin in any way. 

Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading is a method of removing excess hairs by making use of thread. It’s a clean method of hair removal; unlike waxing it won’t remove the skin layer which implies it’s less painful and smooth on the skin. Also, you will be able to achieve the perfect eyebrow shapes with a thread. Even, the tiniest hairs can be removed through threading thus making it an ideal choice for those with fine eyebrow hairs. 

Tips for Healthy and Strong Eyebrows

Close up applying brow paste with a brush to eyebrows.
Close up applying brow paste with a brush to eyebrows.

It’s important to take care of your eyebrows in a proper way to make them appear beautiful. Makeup will not be going to do any wonders for you without well-groomed eyebrows. So, let’s dive into the few tips that one must follow to keep their eyebrows healthy and strong:

  • You can apply a conditioning eyebrow product that can condition your brow hairs for promoting healthy eyebrows. Apply regularly for better results. 
  • Avoid excessive plucking as it can cause harm to your brow’s hair follicles permanently thus resulting in patchy eyebrows. 
  • Buffing the skin gently around the brows can help you to get rid of excess dead cells. Consider using an exfoliating scrub for this purpose. 
  • Limit the use of makeup on your brows as doing too much makeup can result in inflammation and can hurt fair follicles too. Also, remember to wash your face before going to bed. 


Beautician waxing young woman's eyebrows in spa center
Beautician waxing young woman’s eyebrows in spa center

Concluding this post with the hope that it will be going to help you in knowing more about tools and techniques to beautify eyebrows. Shaping the eyebrows is vital too that has the power to sharpen your features and improve self-confidence. Out of the different methods available like waxing, trimming, tweezing, threading, eyebrow tattoos, etc. you can select the one as per your desires and budget. 

Even, nowadays eyebrow slit is a cool trend as it can draw the attention of everyone towards your eyes. When combined with decent eye makeup, it can even enhance your complete aura. If your hands are not perfect in giving your brows a flawless shape then step out to the salon and leave everything in the hands of professionals who know how to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows.

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