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Aviation career in India: top colleges, scope and courses offered

Want to pursue a career in Aviation industry and fly high with your dreams then let’s read about the course in detail. The aviation industry in India is a budding career with more and more aspirants opting for a full-fledged career in the same. Although the pilot and air hostess job roles and lives seem fancy and uber cool, the career path is not too straightforward in the aviation industry.

The aviation industry is one of the world’s most attractive and best-paid sectors. The world’s third largest domestic civil aviation market is the Indian civil aviation industry. The Indian civil aviation industry has emerged as one of the world’s fastest growing sectors over the past 3 years. Due to various factors such as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in domestic airlines, modern airports, advanced IT (IT), low-cost carriers (LCCs), there has been a huge growth in the aviation sector.

Education, job roles and salaries in the aviation sector in India

Aviation career in India: top colleges, scope and courses offered

A student willing to pursue a career in the aviation industry can apply for the following courses:

BBA in airport management

The course on airport management trains students to take on managerial and administrative jobs at an airport. As an Airport Manager, Airport Administrator, Airport Staff Manager, & Safety Officer, a student with a bachelor degree can get a job.

After graduation, joining the civil aviation industry will receive an average starting salary between 3-6 Lakhs per annum.  Graduates will be placed at major international and domestic airports.

Diploma in airport management

Airport Management Diploma Course is a one-year course that teaches students more about technical aspects than aspects of management. A student may also opt for this Airport Management Postgraduate Diploma after graduation.

The student with the Airport Management Postgraduate Diploma may contact Airport Manager, Assistant Manager, and Department Manager of Cargo. With this educational background, the average salary will be between 2-5 Lakhs per year. Students will be placed at international and domestic airports.

Commercial pilot training

The commercial pilot in the aviation industry is one of the most glamorous and rewarding jobs. Besides the theoretical knowledge, in order to become a commercial pilot, a student must have practical knowledge.

In order to get a job in the aviation sector, a commercial pilot must obtain a commercial pilot license. There will be many chances for a commercial pilot or ferry pilot to be placed in both Governments and Private Airlines & chattered flights.

Diploma in ground staff and cabin crew training

Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training is usually a6-month or1-year course in which candidates are trained for various job roles such as cabin crew, flight attendants, Part of Ground staff and Front-end Office operators. The average salary package begins at 4-6 Lakhs per year for these job roles.  

B.sc in aviation

B. Sc. That’s right. In Aviation, there is a3-year Undergraduate Program in which students deal with subjects such as Air Regulations, Navigation, Meteorology, Aircraft and Engineering, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Safety, Flight Safety and Crew Management. After B.SC in Aviation, the student can also attend PG courses in Aviation.

There are many jobs for the graduate from Aviation background but mostly they will take over job roles such as Air Traffic Controller, Ground Operations staff, Cargo Management staff, Ticketing staff, etc. with an average salary between 2-4 Lakhs P / A.

Diploma in airfare and ticketing management

Diploma in Management of Airfare and Ticketing is a one-year Diploma course specifically designed for ground-level duties at airports. In both part-time and full-time formats, this course can be completed. The graduates will find the job in the Ticketing department where the candidate will have to deal with Airline codes, ticketing terminology, Electronic ticketing, Passport and Visas, Foreign Exchange, Airfares and ticketing software.

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Salaries offered in aviation industry for different posts

Aircraft DispatcherAssists in planning the flight paths and keeping a check of the aircraft’s performance in all kinds of climatic situations5,00,000
Air Traffic ControllerIssuing guidelines for the landing and takeoff of flights to the pilots6,50,000
Airline ExecutiveMaintaining and managing customer files and accounts3,00,000
Air Station ManagerKeeping a check if the flights leave on time with all the passengers and luggage3,00,000
Airport Terminal Duty ManagerTo run the airport terminal such that the staff, passengers and facilities run efficiently3,50,000

Top aviation institutes in India for aviation courses

Here is a list of top 15 colleges that offer the best education in the aviation industry

  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science, Jamshedpur
  • Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering and information, Pune
  • A.J. Aviation Academy, Bangalore
  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Hyderabad
  • Hindustan Aviation Academy, Bangalore
  • Wings College of aviation technology, Pune
  • Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics, Ahmedabad.
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess, New Delhi & Mumbai
  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics, Jaipur
  • Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai
  • Rai University, Ahmedabad
  • Air Hostess Academy, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai

Subjects to study in aviation industry

For a full fledged course in aviation industry the aspirants have to study a lot of subjest. The details for which is given in the table below:

MathematicsEngineering design
PhysicsOperations Planning
Mathematics for EngineeringEngineering Cost Decisions
Organizational behaviorStatistical Methods for Engineering
Cognitive Process and Problem SolvingAerodynamics and Propulsion
Effective CommunicationDistribution and Transportation
Introduction to ProgrammingAvionics System
Organizational behaviorAircrafts System

Top recruiters in the industry

The aviation industry contributes approximately $2.7 trillion, or 3.5 percent of the world’s GDP. World airlines carry 3 billion passengers per year and 50 million tons of freight, providing 9.9 million direct jobs in the aviation sector. Such a popular and demand-driven industry has many job offers in different government and private sectors.

Jet Airways, Sahara, Air Deccan, Kingfisher, Air Charter Services Pvt Ltd, Air India, Aviation India, Spice Jet, Go Air Airlines, Paramount Airways, Indigo, Air Charters India, Indian Airlines and Deccan Aviation Ltd are the top airlines available to operate in India.


No need to worry about your future if you do not score well in your boards as there are a lot of courses offered today where the average students can also perform well and enjoy a respectable life. all you need to do is to find the best place to fit in


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