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Are Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses Right For You?

An estimated 125 million individuals use contact lenses globally. This number isn’t surprising if you consider the number of individuals requiring vision correction. As per studies, by the year 2050, nearly half of the global population may suffer from vision conditions such as near-sightedness.

To correct vision problems, many individuals prefer to wear contact lenses over prescription eyeglasses. And undoubtedly, contact lenses offer several benefits over eyeglasses, such as un-restricted peripheral vision, as you don’t always need t deal with sturdy eyeglasses. However, with the various types of contact lenses available in the market, it can be pretty confusing as to which one would suit your requirements the best. Since all prescription contact lenses are medical aids, you must remember to consult your ophthalmologist before making any decision.

Nonetheless, if you want to find out whether monthly disposable contact lenses are right for you, then read on to make the right choice as per your lifestyle. Before moving forward, let’s first understand what monthly disposable contact lenses are.

What Are Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses?

Monthly disposable contact lenses are more durable than daily disposables and can be stored in lens solution, and can be used for 30 days. With monthly disposable contact lenses, you need to store them in a two-sided storage case filled with your prescribed lens care solution.

Additionally, monthly contact lenses require regular disinfection to prevent protein build-up and avoid eye infections. An important thing to remember while using monthly disposables is that you must only lenses and lens care solutions recommended by your ophthalmologist. Doing so ensures that you are only using solutions compatible with the kind of monthly disposable contact lenses you use.

Now let’s discuss some critical considerations you need to make to determine if monthly disposables are right for you.

Think About Your Lifestyle

While trying to understand what kind of contact lenses would suit you, it is suggested that you consider your lifestyle. Whether you are an active person who enjoys sports, or if you get exposed to dirt and dust, you must consider such things before you make a decision.

If your lifestyle is such that there are chances that you may get something in your eyes, then dailies are a better option as you can just throw them away. On the other hand, if you usually have a lifestyle that isn’t prone to gushing winds full of dust and dirt, monthly disposable contact lenses make for a great option as well. In simple terms, if you have a controlled lifestyle, monthly lenses may suit you.

Think about the Frequency Of Using Contact Lenses

A critically important question to consider if you plan to use monthly disposable contact lenses is how frequently do you plan to wear the lenses. Whether you plan to keep them stored in your container case most of the time and use them once in a while? Or do you plan to wear them daily?

In case you want lenses for regular use, then monthly disposables make for a better option as it is economical. Besides, you can pop monthly disposables in and out several times in a day if needed, so with a little care about the lens care regimen, monthlies make a good choice.

Find Contact Lenses From Trusted Sources

Yes, it is good to stay educated on the different options of visual aids you have. Still, it is also essential that you seek an eye care specialist’s guidance before making any decisions. Your eye care specialist can recommend the most suitable contact lenses for your eyes based on your unique requirements and lifestyle preferences.

If you are looking for premium quality monthly disposable contact lenses from leading brands such as Bausch+Lomb and Alcon, explore options from reputable and reliable platforms such as Titan Eyeplus. Be it daily or monthly disposables or colored contact lenses, you will find a wide array of options to choose from. However, if you face any problems or have doubts, you can also contact them for dedicated services. What gets better than this?

Anuja Gusain
Anuja Gusain
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