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April Fool’s Day!

So the most fun part of every year is here and everyone is so rejoiced. April fool’s day is one of the few days which are celebrated all around the world with no bias. The concept too is pretty simple. Go around and play pranks! So a happy go lucky kind of event.  But is this all that is to this day? Well, definitely not. There are so many things that we don’t know about it.

April Fool's Day!

This is just an example of the advertisements that are often used by many companies on the occasion proving the serious side of this fun day too. Since people are in jolly mood world wide in April 1st, the buying often tends to become irrational and hence business goes up. Also, many countries have their closing dates for financial records by the end of March. So the 1st of April brings some free time with itself too.  Thus if you thought it was only about fun and social gathering, you could not have been more wrong.

Here are some fun facts about the April fool’s day:

  • No body exactly knows that how and when the day was started. It could go back to hundreds of years and even more.
  • Some historians claim that it dates back to the early times during 1582.
  • The day was made popular by the Britons by playing pranks and jokes on each other. The word traveled and soon everyone started recognizing the day.
  • Some people believe that the name of the day comes from a Canterbury Tales line saying “syn March bigan thritty dayes and two.” This further created all the more doubts about when it is actually supposed to be celebrated. Some say it means March 32 (which is not possible) while others believe it to be April 1st (a more viable option). However, if one listens to the scholars, they believe it means 32 days after March.
  • Some believe that there is more to this day by saying that back in 16th century, a new calendar was discovered which marked the New Year to start at 1st Thus the day also marks new beginning according to many.

So it remains unclear as to how to consider this day. But that hasn’t seem to bother anyone. Many people play pranks on these days and have a lots of fun. But amidst this all, many people also tend to get hurt and hence it is important to contain this excitement and also think about having fun safely. April fool’s day will only feel fun when you don’t cause trouble for someone in the process.

So hope you guys have a blast today and enjoy to the most! Some one has rightly said that laughter is the best medicine. So laugh and make others happy. Sure this day is great to reconnect and get in touch with everyone your busy schedule din’t allow for.

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April Fool's Day!

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