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8 Important Things you should Remember before your First Day at Job

If you have cleared your interview and ready to join the company below given tips will be useful to you on your first day of your job. We all have to walk through this phase.

Getting a job means you have cleared one step. Now you have to focus on your work, behavior, relationship with co-workers, boss, and client.  This might be too much on your first day. You will be nervous once you enter office. Your HR Department will help you and guide you. Read out this article and get ready for your First Day.

Reach on Time

This is very important. Be on Time whether it is a job, interview or attending a meeting.  As we all say time is money. Believe me it is.  Always be on time. This creates a good impression, It shows how much responsible you are at your job and what kind of attitude you carry towards the same.

Rule number 1: Reach on time. Never forget this rule.  Get up little early than regular days for important meetings, interview etc.  This will help you finish your daily routine on time, you can eat proper breakfast and then leave early for the venue.  You may not get stuck in traffic and you won’t be worried about reaching late.

Be Confident

Being Confident revels a lot about you.  It’s about self confidence.  If you cannot be confident and doubt yourself who is going to be confident about hiring you.  If company hires you they see whether you will be able to handle your task, responsibilities given to you as they are going to rely on your work to deliver to clients.  Always be confident about your skills.

Introduce Yourself

Once you enter office, get in touch with HR Department.  Normally your team lead or your seniors will help you with this process. They will introduce you to the team. With this introduction session you will be at least familiar with faces and few names. You can further connect with them on lunch time for further talks.

Know your Task for the Day

Once your Introduction is over. Go to your desk.  Make yourself comfortable.  If the task is given to you start doing it. If not then reach out to your lead or senior and ask them about your task. Ask them how you should start, what reference you have to go through. Whom you can contact if you have any doubts.

Make sure you have your notes ready with you. Write everything your senior tells you this will help you once you start doing your task rather than wondering what was told and again disturbing your seniors. This will create a bad impression on your first day and who wants that so take your diary along with you to make notes of it.

Talk to co-workers around

As it will be your first day and you will be very new to company and its environment. Try to talk to people around, your colleagues will give you time. Generally on first day you won’t have much work to do so make sure you use this opportunity and time well. Know more about companies’ rules, regulations, culture from HR Department or colleague.

Get Involved

Try to get involved with activities around.  Get involved in engaging activity happening around. Attend Meetings, attend celebration or go to team lunch if its happening that day. Get Involved with team.  This will also make you feel comfortable and you will feel good.  Always take part in some activity, this will showcase your talent to them. Never miss a chance while these activities are going around.  Be it singing ,dancing, acting, ramp walk etc.

Have Lunch with Team


In your lunch time your half day at work is over.  Congratulations you have survived your half day.  Go and sit with your team.  Start conversation when necessary.  Know your colleague. Make New Friends now. As your college time is over and you have started a new journey you may get good friends at your office which will help you when you are In need. As they have spent more time then you in company they will teach you how to deal with any situation around. So go and have lunch and make new friends.

Share Your Work Updates

Before you leave make sure you have met your senior or lead and provided them with the updates about your work.  Inform them about what you have learnt today, how was your first day at office if they ask you. Do not forget to inform them about your next day work this will really impress them. They will feel that you are enthusiastic person and ready for new challenges in your journey.

I hope this article has given you brief information on how you can deal with your emotions, thought process. Just calm down and be confident in whatever you do.  I wish you all the very best! . Let me know your comments below.

I would be more than happy to know your experience on your first day of joining, if you find this article helpful please do share it with friends.

Thank you.


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