15 things you’ll get only if you went to a convent school

    studied in a convent school

    Didn’t we all just loooovvvvveeee school? Life wasn’t so complicated back then and the biggest care in the world was to get through exams. But if you studied in a convent school, then your school life has been another roller coaster ride altogether! We are pretty sure you will be travelling down memory lane in no time after you read these things that only a convent student will get!

    1. Conventees and Convenites are legit words!

    1 studied in a convent school

    The Webster or the Oxford dictionaries may beg to differ, but being called conventees or convenites was your swag!

    2. “Our father in heaven, holy be your name…”

    You still remember this prayer word to word because that is how every single day at school began and ended. And you really didn’t want to be talking or messing around during the prayer!

    3. Grammar nazi is a term that exists because of convent school!

    I already ate mom. *cringe*

    I already ate, mom.

    You know the difference. #LikeABoss

    3 studied in a convent school

    4. You know what it is like to sell raffle tickets before your school fete!

    Oh and the feeling when a booklet was finished! And the excitement on the day of the fete! *jumping up and down in joy*

    5. You still remember so many songs and carols from your “Hymn Book”.

    And you casually find yourself humming them once in awhile and suddenly miss school! *sigh*

    5 studied in a convent school

    6. Forget getting fined for overspeeding, you got fined for using a language that was NOT English.

    Even gibberish was not allowed! :p

    7. Other kids had Sirs and Ma’ams, you had Sisters and Fathers.

    And whenever you began your sentences with “Today sister XYZ taught us…” you got a lot of what-do-you-mean-by-sister looks from your non-convent going friends. If only they knew!

    7 studied in a convent school

    8. Moral science was as important as actual science, and no, you couldn’t flunk it!

    That is probably why you still have a lot of good habits that helped you survive your troubled teens and even turbulent twenties!


    9. Christmas time was a month long fiesta – and how you loved that time!

    The beautifully decorated Christmas trees, the carols, the christmas plays, the cute little manger set-up – it was all so much fun! And the plum cake on Christmas day! *drooling*

    9 studied in a convent school

    10. Uniform code just could not be broken!

    At times you thought you could wear a skirt that was an inch shorter and no one would notice. How wrong you were!

    11. The suspense of “What happens in the catechism class?”

    Your Catholic friends went for the catechism class and you have always wondered and even prodded them with questions like “What do you study in that class?”, and it probably still is a mystery!

    11 studied in a convent school

    12. That one spot in school that was rumored to be a graveyard! Spooky spooks!

    And the rumors just got more eerie as school proceeded, didn’t they?

    13. Dating a convent girl was a thing!

    Any guy who was dating a convent girl would be subjected to a lot of “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs” and gaping stares too!

    13 studied in a convent school

    14. Whatever your religion may be, going to church was a normal undisputed routine.

    And during exams it was a MUST! How else would you get those five extra marks?

    15. Tuesday masses made you wonder what the wine and bread tastes like!

    And it also meant the studying hours were cut short, even if by minutes. *toothy grin*

    15 studied in a convent school

    These beautiful memories are permanently etched in your hearts and you just cannot thank your school enough for making you the disciplined and kind human beings that it groomed you to become!


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