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6 Ways A Nanny Can Improve Your Child’s Well-Being

Your nanny is doing more for your child than you realize. When you are at work, and your spouse is out earning a second income to support the family, the nanny is there to watch your child. But she (or he) is not there to simply sit in front of the couch and make sure the little one doesn’t get outside or doesn’t hurt themselves on something. No, your nanny is having a significant impact on your child’s well-being.


Emotionally, intellectually, physically; she is doing the things that busy parents wish they could be doing with their children instead of working ten hours a day, six days a week. For this, we should be grateful to our nannies for providing us — really, our children — their services.


If you are considering hiring a nanny to care for your child, the benefits to your child are tremendous! Know that there are a few things to take into consideration before making the final decision, such as your budget for a nanny (they are typically less expensive than a childcare facility), how much payroll taxes you should set aside, background checks on the proposed nanny, and so on.


If you do hire a nanny, here are some of the ways she can help your child’s well-being:


They Will Love Your Child

A nanny is a single person caring for a single child, sometimes two or three. But they are not a single person responsible for overseeing seven or more children at a time. That is what you get when you put your child into a childcare facility. Teachers have their hands so full watching over so many kids at one time, many of them do not care for your children. They simply feed them at lunchtime, change the diapers as needed, and struggle to maintain some kind of curriculum. There is rarely a connection between the teacher and your child.


But your nanny does share that connection with your child. They get so close to your son or daughter that they take the extra step to make sure that not only are they fed and changed, but they are also cared for in every way possible. This creates another healthy relationship for your child.



To help with your child’s physical fitness and continued motor and mental development, a nanny will interact with them as a parent would. They will sit down and color, take them to the park to play, and explore the past in a museum or the worlds stored away in the library. The nanny will be creative with where they take your child and what activities they participate in once there.



In the unfortunate event of a divorce, your child will be lost in the shuffle. They will have so many emotions swirling through them but will have nothing to cling onto as the separation happens, and for a long time after. Your nanny, because she cares so much for your child, will be the rock they are able to hold onto during the proceedings.


They Help with Homework

Parents and society put a lot of emphasis on academic success. Part of what a nanny can do is help them achieve that success. Because they want to see your child succeed, a nanny will help them with their homework. She will sit down with them and work through the problems they are having in the subject.


They Develop New Skills

The nanny will spend a lot of time with your child, watching them grow up and improve on skills they’ve already learned. They are in a position to identify a new talent as it begins to emerge and they will quickly begin working on that. They will incorporate new activities or outings to nurture this budding skill and help it blossom to its full potential.


They Create Stability

The childcare industry has a high turnover rate. Teachers working long hours, with too many children at once, in an environment where management is not usually qualified, in an industry that is all too often short-handed. Many teachers do not stay in a facility for too long. This can create confusion; either your child is constantly having new teachers come in or they are tossed around between different classrooms.


The opposite can be said about a nanny. Because they work with fewer children and they know the goals you have set for your child, they are more likely to stay for longer periods of time. Again, because they get close to your child, they want to keep working with them. Hiring a nanny will provide your child stability so that he or she can develop properly and simply have fun.


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