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5 Things to Do When You Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a mecca for sensorial experiences. It is teeming with attractions, ranging from the simply sublime to the completely over-the-top. It is also brimming with high-octane energy that’ll have you exploring every part of the city. Now, if you do visit Vegas, we want you to make the most out of your visit. So here are some interesting sights for you to take in.

Take a stroll around LINQ Promenade

5 Things to Do When You Visit Las Vegas
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CNN Travel suggests LINQ Promenade is more than just a shopping center, as it is an attraction in its own right. It starts off on The Strip, and stretches all the way to the famous High Roller, which is, at 550 feet tall, the world’s tallest observation wheel. It is lined with high-end shops and boutiques, where you can do some shopping, as well as a range of dining options — In-N-Out Burgers, Flour & Barley, and Benihana to name just three — for plenty of tasty meals. Although, before dining out you might want to try Fly LINQ first. It is a heart-stopping zip line that’ll have you soaring over the Promenade at a staggering 1,800 feet.

Watch a classic

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Las Vegas isn’t the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing. It is the ever-gracious host to concerts, plays, and all sorts of entertaining productions. But among these shows is one true classic: Mystère. It is one of the six resident Cirque du Soleil shows, and features energetic performances that include a teeterboard act, some high-wire acrobatics, and lots of dancing. This thrilling ride starts with Brian Le Petit, Mystère’s resident clown doing some, well, clowning around. The rest of the show transitions into a breathtaking experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Visit a casino

5 Things to Do When You Visit Las Vegas
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A visit to Vegas will invariably lead you to its world-famous casinos, where the star attractions are their range of gaming options, notably the abundance of large-scale poker rooms. Poker has become very popular in India in recent years, where it appeals to the country’s Millennials. This younger demographic enjoy the competitive aspect of poker. But its inherently social nature can’t be dismissed either, and it is something you can enjoy, too. Poker is a fun way to spend a night and socialise with others at the same time. In fact, the memes on PPPoker’s Instagram account are a testament to just how fun and hilarious poker can get. This is the other side of poker, and can be enjoyed in any one of Vegas’ many casinos. However, don’t worry if you don’t have much experience playing poker. These casinos offer other enjoyable table and slot game to keep you entertained. Not to mention, most of the casinos are integrated resorts anyway, so you can check out their amenities or dine in some of their high-class restaurants.

Check out some quirky sites

5 Things to Do When You Visit Las Vegas
IMAGE CREDIT: @theneonmuseumlasvegas

Vegas is home to some quirky attractions. Three you ought to check out are The Mob Museum in Downtown Vegas, the National Atomic Testing Museum at E. Flamingo Road, and the Neon Museum at Las Vegas Boulevard. The Mob Museum will introduce you to the notorious mob underworld, and its historic characters like the infamous Al Capone and Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. The National Atomic Testing Museum, on the other hand, will show you everything that happens during an atmospheric blast, while The Neon Museum showcases famous neon signs that have been retired over the years.

Explore a dreamy desertscape

IMAGE CREDIT: @springspreserve

Last but not least, why not explore the desertscape that is the Springs Preserve? This 180-acre attraction houses a botanical garden, a museum, several art galleries, and a few nature trails. It overlaps Las Vegas Springs, the city’s original water source and is owned by the Las Vegas Valley Water District. Exploring this particular place lets you be at one with nature, and learn about sustainability and conservation at the same time.

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