5 Things You Should Follow To Keep Your Resolutions In 2017


One more year is coming to an end and the air is rich with the smell of plum cakes and our minds, with year end parties. And it’s time for us to say good bye to the old and embrace the new, with that spirit comes the list of new year resolutions. I am sure you have a list, and if not a list one or two plans or ideas that you think, on successfully carrying out, will make you a better person at some point in 2017. But, it is not the first time you are making such resolutions or lists, and for some of us it’s like a brand new year but same old resolutions, so what can you possibly do to really make a difference this time? Here is a list of 5 things that you may wanna try to make it work.

1.Be Practical: Let’s start with shortlisting our stuff, like you know you can’t read 80 books a year and at the same time get a six pack while freelancing for extra money during your free time. So, first decide, which is really really important to you? Extra money, good physique or being a well read person. Don’t try to achieve all at once, because if you do that you will possibly end up achieving none at the end of another year.

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2. Start With Baby Steps: Take little steps towards your goal, it is the most important thing to be successful, you know which way to go, start taking small steps in that direction. Set little goals, all that when summed up will get you to your ultimate goal. Say if you wanna lose 20 kg, don’t overdo in the gym trying to dramatically reduce your weight in just one or two months, set little goals, like 2-3 kg a month in the beginning, and later increase it if you want.

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3. Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes: if you have tried doing it in the past and have failed, figure out the reasons of your past failure and make sure you don’t repeat them again this time. You have this extra advantage, you know your destination and you know what not to do in order to reach there.

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4. Small Stumbles: The way to success can never be smooth. But, do not let little things come in your way. Get your priorities straight. Every time you work your way through a hurdle your confidence will increase multiple folds.

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5. Renew Your Motivation: Don’t you ever give up. The moment you feel like giving up just think why you ever started. Tell your family and friends about your goals, take all the support offer. Remember, success takes time, but if you keep working no one can stop you from achieving it.

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So, these are the five things that, I think, will help you keep your resolutions this time. So, what are your resolutions for this year? Comment below if you want to share. I wish a very happy new year to you.


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