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5 Politicians are known for making ridiculous and absurd statements

With the BJP in power again, and with the conclusion of the electrifying Lok Sabha elections, the country has again come to a state of rest. It’s good to see fewer politicians taking digs at each other and almost everybody is anxious to see what development the current government bring with it.

Making strong statements about your competitors to sway away the public is a part of the job. All of us can agree, regardless of our own personal opinions about him, that our current Prime Minister is a good orator. He knows how to relate with the public, and he knows it for all kinds of public. In his very recent address on NDTV, he did not forget to mention the ‘Avengers’, and then was also successful in relating it to Rahul Gandhi and making the public go crazy for him.

There are also other ministers who are good orators, and have a command over their speaking. However, then come the bunch of those who make us think, and think hard, whether human beings could be more stupid or is this the limit ?

Politics in earlier times was dignified. Nowadays, we see a lot of absurd statements flying about in the arena of politics. And amidst this exchange of criticism, here we stand, counting down our favorite politicians known for making ridiculous and absurd statements. The list follows :

Note This post does not intend to demean or insult anybody. The article is completely unbiased and is not written in pursuit of any political allegiance.

1. Rahul Gandhi

5 Politicians are known for making ridiculous and absurd statements

On no. 1 we have our very own, very favourite, Rahul Gandhi. Although he’s quite serious regarding the Lok Sabha elections now, and in just a few days a major change and a tint of maturity can be seen in him, before the elections, he was as comic as Mr. Bean. Just, instead of a Leyland Mini, he rolls in a Range Rover.  

Mr. Gandhi is quite popular for making statements that are often laughed at and ridiculed by the janta. Often the target of memes, video edits, and Mr. Modi’s criticism, Rahul Gandhi has been responsible for making us laugh more than Kapil Sharma himself.

The Gandhis have already etched their names in the history of Indian Politics. But one thing, that Rahul Gandhi will always be remembered for, is his statement during his address in the AICC session, January 2013. In a bid to make the people aware of his emotions regarding his responsibility as the face of Congress, Rahul Gandhi uttered the following :

“Toh thoda mai apko, ab, emotional baat kehna chahta hu. Dil ki baat kehna chahta hu. This morning, I got up, at night.

He was once more in news when he, while addressing the students at Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, claimed that Steve Jobs was in Microsoft.

The list only begins here. Another of his famous controversy is when he, while talking about the seats in Lok Sabha, claimed that there were 546, while in reality the Lok Sabha has 545 seats only.

Apart from all this, Mr. Gandhi is famous for one of his longest speeches in Lok Sabha, wherein he said the word ‘sorry’ at least 17 times because of either a mistake of fact, or a slip of tongue. The nation witnessed him being corrected in the middle of the speech by party members because he was stating the wrong facts, and taking the wrong names. Moreover he also addressed respected Speaker (Deputy) Mr. P. Venugopal as ‘Speaker Madam’, which is as funny as it gets. Lately, he’s been quite serious about the Lok Sabha elections result, and the country awaits what transformation he will bring with him, if at all anything of that sort happens.

2. Navjot Singh Sidhu

5 Politicians are known for making ridiculous and absurd statements

This guy just cannot stop being in the news for one thing or the other, neither of them being positive. Well, he’s been in the news lately because of his recent challenge to resign if Rahul Gandhi loses his seat in Amethi to Smriti Irani, which RaGa did, by a margin of 55,000 votes. Now, people all over India are asking for Sidhu’s resignation. The whole controversy started when a journalist asked Sidhu about his opinion on the tough competition Smriti Irani was giving to RaGa in Amethi, to which the overconfident Sidhu replied that Irani is giving no competition to Rahul Gandhi at all in the concerned district, and that Rahul Gandhi is as strong in Amethi as it gets. The journalist again asked him about the possible win of Irani, to which our beloved Shayar’replied by saying that he would resign if Rahul Gandhi lost his seat at Amethi.

Well, other than this, Sidhu has always remained in the limelight as a politician for all the controversies one can think of. He was in highlight in 2018 when he, in a speech he was making for Congress, made the very exact same speech that he made for BJP in 2013, on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday. What sparked a controversy was that in that speech, he also presented a few lines, as is with almost every address or speech of his, wherein he talked about the ‘jawaans’ of the country. The people reacted on his insensitivity regarding the soldiers and how he uses their names only for his own personal political gains. Using the same exact phrase regarding the soldiers of the nation was actually quite insensitive on his part and better was expected from him.

Not only as a politician, but also as a cricketer and a commentator, Sidhu has always made offensive statements about others. Another of his statement worth the note is about Parthiv Patel, wherein he says that the latter is so innocent that if you drop him in a sea full of breasts, he’ll come out sucking his own thumb. One of his famous shayaris went as :

Do aloo ko jodke banti hai patty

Aur choohe ke peeche bhaagti rehti hai catty

Duniya mei ek hi ladki hai jo bilkul nahi hai fatty

I love you Shilpa Shetty

If this is not cringeworthy enough, the world does not know what is. He’s also been in the news for hugging Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, due to which he faced nationwide criticism because it was at a time when terror attacks from Pakistan were a frequent problem. He also has been quite open mouthed about Punjab CM Captain Amrinder Singh, about whom he said that Captain Singh does not matter to him, it’s only Rahul Gandhi who does, and it’s only him who is Sidhu’s leader. After the poor performance of Congress in Punjab, it was quite easy for everyone to blame him for the same, which Captain Singh did freely and openly.

3. Subramanian Swami

5 Politicians are known for making ridiculous and absurd statements

When it comes to absurd and controversial comments by politicians, Subraanian Swamy is a name we cannot skip over. Known for his mean, extremist and offensive comments, this BJP leader makes it hard to believe that he once graduated from Harvard. A staunch and blind follower of Hinduism, which according to him is nothing else than demeaning other religions, Swamy comes with comments which make it very clear that he arms himself with only partial knowledge. Moreover, Swamy’s comments are such that would generally create controversy. He once questioned Raghuram Rajan’s nationalism by saying that he is on a green card provided by the USA and therefore mentally not fully India.

He also, in a statement claimed that Ravana and his wife were Dalits from Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, he claims that Muslims in India have an ancestral Hindu lineage. He claims that India should be made a Hindu Rashtra. His opinions about homosexuality and bisexuality are also extreme. He once, in an address said that being gay is a mental disorder and one should visit the hospital for it. He also had the audacity to claim that the authority to declare Narendra Modi a brahmin was vested in him and it is only right that it should be done, because Narendra Modi has Brahmanical gunas. Such is his hatred for non-Hindus that he once said that 99% of all the Muslims on his twitter tweet like retards. He also once said that a Mosque is no holy or religious place and can be destroyed at any time. The stupidity of his comments reached their peak when he said that the movie PK (starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma)  was funded by people from Dubai and ISI, over which he requested DRI to investigate. Very recently he was again in the news because he called Priyanka Gandhi a patient suffering from bipolar disorder and has a violent character.

4. Pragya Thakur a.k.a. Sadhvi Pragya

5 Politicians are known for making ridiculous and absurd statements

A politician recently in news for her very absurd and ridiculous remarks over a lot of things, Sadhvi Pragya is moreover the primary accused in the Malegaon Blast case which claimed the life of about 40 people, and injured over 125. As a woman in politics, it was quite expected of her to talk about female representation in society. However, Pragya Thakur rather promotes and puts forth statement and behavior which is in pursuance of a conservative, Hindu extremist, male-dominated society.

Some of her vile comments include –

‘We will build a Ram Temple. We had gone there to demolish the structure (Babri Masjid) and I myself climbed up on the structure to raze it, and I’m proud of this.

Nathuram Godse (also a Hindu extremist) was a Deshbhakt. He is and will always remain one ‘

She was very recently in highlight because of her comment on Hemant Karkare, a martyr of the 26/11 attacks who was also an investigating officer in Pragya Thakur’s case. She claimed that Karkare died because of her curse on him, that he falsely implicated her and had to face the wrath of Karma as his entire dynasty got destroyed.

Surprisingly (and funnily enough) Sadhvi Pragya is also a cancer expert. Where there are approximately 9 million dying because of cancer every year (as per a 212 study), Pragya Thakur claims that she cured her cancer by using a mixture of gau mutra (cow urine) and other cow products. It is quite a ridiculous statement by which Pragya Thakur not only undermines the disease but also insults those who genuinely and badly suffer from it. Pragya Thakur also claims that if you rub a cow from the back towards the neck, it helps cure BP. Well, we’re proud to have a politician who is also a medical expert with us in the Lok Sabha.

5. Yogi Adityanath

5 Politicians are known for making ridiculous and absurd statements

The last one on this list, Yogi Adityanath is no less compared to the above-mentioned two when it comes to a Hindu Rashtra, conservative views, Ram Mandir, homosexuality, and display of extremist behaviour.

Known for his outrageous and blunt comments, this BJP member is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and otherwise belongs to Gorakhnath Math. He also founded the Hindu Yuva Vahini, a youth organisation that has been allegedly involved in communal violence.

In September 14, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh targeted the Muslims by saying that where there are 20-35% of them, riots take place and if there are more than 35% of them, there is no place for on Non-Muslims.  He also claimed that those who do not like Yoga can leave India and that Lord Shankar was a Yogi, so if you don’t love Yoga, you don’t love Lord Shankar. He wanted a ban on Muslims because non-Muslims are not allowed in Mecca and non-Christians are not allowed in the Vatican. Hence, his complaint regarding that was why should any non-Hindu be allowed in India. He claims that Mother Teresa was a part of a big plan to Christianize India and that Hindus were converted by offering services to them.

The Yogi says that he won’t stop till he converts U.P. and India into a Hindu Rashtra and also says that Shah Rukh Khan speaks the language of a terrorist and that there is no difference between his language and that of Hafiz Saeed.

Once, he said that if the Muslims convert 1 Hindu girl, he and his followers will convert a 100 Muslim girls, to which Barkha Dutt replied by asking him whether he does not think of women as independent beings with the ability to choose for themselves at all, because no forced Muslim conversions were taking place, however, he challenged to forced the girls into conversion. He recently said: “If men acquire women-like qualities, they become gods but when women acquire men like qualities, they become (‘rakshasa’) demon like.He also thinks the primary role of a woman is to be a wife or a mother, and is staunchly against “western feminism” because it will “hamper the creation and stability of the home and the family.” He says, when even the Hindu texts clearly mention otherwise, that it is morally wrong to use Hindu texts to support the existence of homosexuals. When approximately 60 children died in a hospital in U.P. due to the gross negligence of the hospital staff, the Kerala govt. passed a statement that the hospitals of U.P. should learn for the hospitals of Kerala, to which Yogi responded by saying that the latter should rather learn for the former, all the while knowing that Kerala is India’s most literate state.

With this, we conclude the list for the Top 5 politicians known for making ridiculous and absurd statements.

Feel free to write your views and drop down a comment below.

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