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5 Must-Have Necklaces to Stay Up-To-Date with Trend!

Women across the globe continue to have a love affair with fine jewelry for eons now! As it is said, if you want to win a woman’s heart, then gift her dazzling rocks. Earlier women would save money to purchase jewelry as a token of financial security and as assets that can be passed over to their immediate generation. Little did they experiment with the collection and always stuck to the traditional designs. Urban women now look at fine jewelry differently, over a period of time women have acquired an aesthetic taste, and they like choosing their ornaments carefully so that they make the right style statement.

Neck piece is one such ornament which has the potential to create ripples when you enter a room. So, here we decided to give you a sneak-peek on the 5 most trending necklace designs and models to make you look chic!

Timeless Pearl Necklace:

One can never go wrong with pearls. They look classy, timeless and elegant. Pearls are a versatile gemstone and they go well with Indian, fusion and even modern attire. Pair a single string of white pearly necklace with your formal dress for the right dash of glamour or buy a multi-layered chunky pearl necklace to go with your evening gown or even your red chiffon saree. If you scan a fashion magazine, we bet you will find fashionistas flaunting their glowing pearls! To experiment with the look, layer those pearl necklaces of different colours and you are sure to grab anyone’s attention.

Antique Gold Long Haram: 

  If you are a bride to be or attending a family wedding, then the one must have an ornament in your closet is an antique gold long haram. Indian weddings especially in the down south it is an extravagant affair! These weddings showcase the Indian culture and various rituals, so it’s important to choose a neckpiece which blends with this theme, and what could be better than Indian antique jewelry. These gold haram designs in 40 grams of weight have an intricately designed centerpiece which may be studded with uncut diamonds or other precious gemstones. 

Diamond Choker:

 Chokers are close-fitted necklace with sits beautifully on your collar bone and enhances the beauty of your delicate neckline. Earlier Indian women wore gold or diamond chokers only with sarees, but fast forward and you would notice that in last 5 years our Indian celebs have taken this to the next level by teaming gorgeous, gleaming diamond chokers with off shoulder evening gowns. Since, diamond jewellery is expensive, it’s important to purchase it from a reliable jewellery brand like Vaibhav Jewellers.

Short Mangalasutra: 

Yes, you heard us right, short mangalsutra designs are trending this season thanks to celebs like Anushka Sharma, Priyanaka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. They have also bought back the trend of wearing a sleek mangalsutra with dresses. Traditionally mangalasutra designs have only gold and black beads, but these days women add a dash of diamond to give it a classy look.

Layered Necklace:

Gold layered necklace is in trend now! Women like to buy gold layered necklace which is held at one end with an artistically designed brooch. This design is inspired by what our Maharaja and Maharanis wore decades ago during Mughal era. It adds a graceful and complete look on the adonrer. You can also layer adjustable gold chains with delicate pendants over a turtle neck blouse to add that bling. As a rule, shortest chain should be as short as a choker and the longer chain should fall right over the bust.

Internet has made jewellery shopping easy! Now to take a look at the latest design, one need not visit retail stores, one click from the comfort of home and a host of options are made available to the users. One has to be careful about the online sites they visit to make purchases for their jewellery items. It’s safer to make online purchases only through trusted jewellery brands for authenticity and Vaibhav Jewellers is one such trusted brand. You can visit their website www.vaibhavjewellers.com and explore their gold and diamond jewellery collection. The designs and craftsmanship of this jeweller is unmatched. They have designs and models that cater to all generations. The various advantages offered by them like live video shopping, free returns, express shipping, discounts and schemes are a cherry on the cake! So, what are you waiting for? Login today and pick a designer necklace for yourself or your loved one!



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