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5 Habit Routines from the Shastras

Habits make our lives better. We all know the importance of habits in business and in practical daily life. There are certain habits which reflect some financial support to our life while others are more suitable for the college students. In the 24 hour window we all share together, there are countless opportunities to execute a routine to better our everyday lives.

Shastras or the teachings from the sages from the previous generations reflect some of the core habits which over a long time help us building a solid foundation. However, there are instances when people ignore the words from the sages and would preferably follow what may seem like an act towards fulfillment of addiction. I think it is time we revisit the old teachings and look onto them from the eyes of a learned person. Here I present the five habits recommended by the Shastras and how they affect our lives today.

According to Shastras:

1. Many people have the habit of leaving their bathroom dirty after the morning shower. According to the Shashtras, by doing so, the place of moon in the horoscope goes into a really bad position. So, make it a point to clean your bathroom and wipe the floor once you are done.

Our home is a symbol of safety and every single place where we live or stay becomes a part of our life. Our bathroom is a place where we occasionally clean up and purify the body. If you see it from a different perspective, it is the place where we let go off the evil darkness and be ready to embrace the light. Cleaning the place every time you take a shower would help preserve the energy that lingers around all the day. This will help freshen your mood and make your morning better.

2. Second nasty habit that some of us need to get rid of is that of leaving behind a used utensil. As per the Shashtras, we must clean our plate as soon we are done using them. Some people also leave food on the plate, which is also categorized as an extremely bad habit.

Similar to the practice of leaving our bathroom dirty after we are done using it, you must make sure to clean the utensils when you are done eating food. Utensils, on which we place the food which ultimately replenishes our system with fresh energy must be respected. When you leave the plate or bowl in which we had food, dirty and messy, it symbolizes your lack of empathy and respect for the one who helped you sustain. According to Shastras, every move we make reflects our personality. This is just another incident when our behaviour and actions speak louder than words.

3. It is believed that if you don’t clean the utensils after eating, you will come under the bad influence of Saturn and moon. And, if you clean your plate after eating, Goddess Lakshmi bestows you with wealth and prosperity.

When you respect something meager than yourself, good things happen to you. There are many people and things around us all day. Observe the way we treat them. This act reflects our abilities and tells the world the kind of person we are. Shastras say, people who clean the utensils after eating food are bestowed with wealth and prosperity. The true insight lies in the fact that a person with pure respect for everyone is sure to attract wealth and prosperity than the one who disrespects.

4. Apart from these little rules, you also need to keep your household clean. As per Shastras and Vedas, always keep your footwear outside the house. It is also said that keeping your bed clean and clear is the easiest way to attract good luck.

Our footwear prevents us from the dirt that is spread across the world. It acts as a shield for our body. A clean and fresh body is a symbol for good personality. Keeping our bed clean and making arrangements to regularly clean the room will build a sense of confidence inside you. When people are confident, they work and perform well. When people work and perform well, they attract good luck.

5. However, you must clean the bed in the morning as tidying it at night can invite bad luck. In addition, it is believed that if you stay late at night, the moon in your horoscope (kundali) starts giving bad vibes.

Normally, sages recommend to do all the things which help you start your day and build up your energy in the morning. Mornings symbolizes the birth of hope and belief. It makes us want to do things we have been procrastinating for long time. Nights on the other hand, are more suitable for packing up the baggage and allowing your body to rest. The evil is dominant in the nights and any energy that flows is not used for building your self rather it makes you feel heavy. The cycle of your body begins in morning and ends at night. Making drastic changes in your life habits would affect your growth and future.


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