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26 Cheap Travel hacks that make you a smart explorer

We all love exploring. Sometimes we procrastinate only because we are wish to spend too much on unnecessary things which may not be a great part of our trip. The most common mistake we all do is let our health deteriorate after or during the trip due to unhealthy foods, unmatched timing with our daily routine, and many more. It’s always good to take a break but not by comprising with our health., as a very famous saying says “Take care of your gut and it will take care of you”. So, here are some hacks to generate some savings and to have a happy gut trip.

Carry your water bottle.

Aren’t you already paying for all the other necessities? Carrying your water bottle will put some savings in your pocket which you may use later. And also the water taste will remain unchanged which is a blessing for people having a sensitive gut.

Brochures over guides.

What is traveling without exploring? A local guide may charge you a lot and may limit your wandering to some specified places. They may give you the bookish information which is easily available on the internet. Instead have a brochure of the place and start exploring.

Always carry a small backpack of essentials.

Not everything can be kept in the luggage and not everything is insignificant. Have a backpack of emergency having all the items which can save you.

Only pack what you need.

Carrying what you want over what you need may lead to backaches, headaches, and a complete mess. Have some mercy on yourself and know your needs according to the place, weather, temperature, etc. and then pack accordingly.

Research the place before going.

Thinking of a place is way harder than actually going to that place. And knowing what we are bumping into for our upcoming few days is always thrilling. So, do internet research even about the flowers you might encounter there. So, you are traveling the place twice.

Carry a sanitizer and paper soap.

26 Cheap Travel hacks that make you a smart explorer
26 Cheap Travel hacks that make you a smart explorer

We being the crazy heads might end up doing something crazy like making a sandcastle, rolling on the floor, and laughing hard or even just an urge to touch the dustiest thing. A sanitizer or soap paper will be your savior.

Carry a drape of cloth and a small cloth bag in case of an emergency.

Your pants ripped off? Your body is cold in the plane? The scorching heat of the sun? A piece of cloth-like a scarf, a shawl can save you from embarrassment and the varying body temperature. We end up doing a lot of shopping or buying something so huge that it does not fit into our hands. A cloth bag will pop out of your bag offering help(winking).

Wear the most comfortable yet classic clothes.

Don’t overdose your body with heavy clothing. This will end up causing itchiness, uneasiness, and irritation. The spoiler of your day award will go to your heavy and bulky clothes. Wear some comfortable tees with jeans or shorts and nail it.

Shoes over heels.

Heels are for partying and glamming, shoes are for trekking and exploring. You won’t like it if you have sore and swollen toes by the end of the day, stopping you for the next day’s adventure.

Try not to be habitual.

Don’t be stubborn or stick to your food items. Try some street food, go for ice cream, or even have a good talk with the locals. You will find yourself at the top of the world.

Spend less on hotels and more on exploring.

How much time do we actually spend in the hotel? So, if you are on the vogue of wanderlust, spend a minimum on the hotels if you are staying for one day or need them to freshen up only.

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Get all your necessary documents scanned on the mobile phone.

In case of any mishappening, to stop your heart from panicking and stop beating for a second, scan all the passports, visas, Aadhaar card, and other necessities beforehand.

Carry some dry fruits with you.

26 Cheap Travel hacks that make you a smart explorer
26 Cheap Travel hacks that make you a smart explorer

Why forget your healthy diet while enjoying? Dry fruits will provide you nutrients and energy for the rest of the day along with nurturing your gut and stopping you from binge eating as they will have control over your cravings.

Roll your clothes in a kit.

Rolling your clothes in a kit will help you while you are unpacking in the hotel. It will keep your clothes organized resulting in no mess area and making it a lot easier for you by carrying only one kit instead of a pile of clothes. Bonus, it will keep your clothes safe, protected, and crinkle-free.

Keep all the things in kits or boxes.

Not only your clothes need extra care, so do your other items, like makeup, accessories, brushes, toiletries, loungers, etc. Keep them safe in different kits and boxes before packing.

Always have an itinerary prepared.

This will help you from getting lost in your mind and losing interest just because of tiredness and will help you stay excited and motivated for the rest of the trip.

Excitement over tiredness.

You will be going to rest for the next two days when you are coming back to the home, so why to let go of the opportunity? Make the most of the trip as much as you can.

Change as soon as you enter the room.

Get into your comfort zone with pajamas and loose tees otherwise, your laziness will take charge over you and you might end up missing the stargazing, night talks, or sometimes dinner too.

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Plan more.

This is the most underrated hack which we all are unaware of. Planning will save you from unexpected risks and make you well prepared for the trip.

Always carry sunscreen and shades.

Even the most pleasant weather demands skin and eyes to be protected. Whether it’s hot, cold, rainy, or any other weather, sunscreen has all the solutions. Shades will protect your eyes from every tiny dust particle.

Safety pin and sewing kit.

Tragedy can happen with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s better to be prepared than getting clueless at the time of tragedy. Safety pins and sewing kit has been with us for along time. So, don’t boycott them, use them.

Always pack your shoes with a newspaper first and then in a shoe bag.

This will keep your dirty shoes away from the clothes while returning home. Always carry extra bags.

Dress ordering in the suitcase matters.

26 Cheap Travel hacks that make you a smart explorer
26 Cheap Travel hacks that make you a smart explorer

The dress of the last day should be kept first in the suitcase while packing ( FIRST IN LAST OUT). This will prevent your suitcase from becoming a crap bag during the trip days.

Distribute your money in different areas.

This hack will prevent you from getting broke or even fooling the pocket killers. Always count the total money before distributing them.

Pocket deodorants to rock anytime anywhere.

Night camping party after the whole day of sweaty trekking? Deodorants got your back. Rock the night!

Always carry extra newspapers

Worrying about wet clothes, dirty shoes, fragile items? Relax, all are save within a newspaper wrap. So, always carry extra newspapers for any kind of emergency.

These are some of the hacks which may prevent you from any mishappening and making your trip the most memorable one.

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