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18 Binge-worthy Series

How many of you hang tight for dinner with the goal of watching your favorite series? Why not, after all, they keep us entertained, engaged, and roused. Lately, series have become our major go-to places, particularly during the lockdown. Binge-watching has become our escape route from the day-to-day grind as we attempt to set aside time for it along with an urge to watch more.

Furthermore, tons of them are accessible on various OTT platforms, be it web series or tv series. The biggest reason behind the surpassing viewership is the fact that you can watch series of versatile genres without missing out on anything as you can resume from where you paused and also pick what to watch.

A good series is the one that releases dopamine in the brain, which drums up a sensation of delight that helps the individuals unwind. So, let’s have a look at some such series.

Here are 18 series you can’t help binge-watching


OTT Platform: Netflix

With 2 successful seasons and the third one on its way, this psychological crime thriller would blow your mind. It’s a historical crime at the FBI that revolves around a research project to interview serial killers with the aim of using their psychology in case solving. It comes with an amazing direction, excellent cast, and exceptional screenplay. On the whole, a full package that has that thread that keeps you hooked.


OTT Platform: Youtube

The best things in life come for free, isn’t it? This recent web series is one among such pleasures that is an inspiring blend of friendship, aspiration, struggle, and sacrifice. A story of UPSC aspirants that makes us realize the importance of the last chance along with vulnerabilities that make it all the more realistic. With just 5 episodes, this one’s surely binge-worthy.

Breaking Bad

OTT Platform: Netflix

Well-known for the terrific character development of Walter H White from a Chemistry professor to a drug lord, this series is acclaimed to have the best conclusion of all times. This Emmy and Golden Globe-winning crime drama continue to be the benchmark for television shows. Additionally, its antepenultimate episode ‘Ozymandias’ is known to be the greatest episode ever written. Do you need more reasons to binge-watch the masterpiece?

The Big Bang Theory

OTT Platform: Netflix/ Amazon Prime

Who says scientific shows cannot be humorous? The Big Bang Theory is a science geek comedy that revolves around four overly educated friends and their love interests. With Sheldon’s snarky humor and know-it-all attitude, it became the longest-running multi-cam sitcom ever. This one is highly recommended as it educates and makes you laugh at the same time.

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OTT Platform: Netflix

This show takes time to travel to a new dimension and explores its unique side that keeps you wanting for more. It is known to be one of the greatest science-fiction series ever made. The plot revolves around time travel and its paradoxes in a German town where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families. Besides the intricate plot, it comes with great casting and is extremely binge-worthy. The only setback is the complicated science fiction but it is worth it!

Money Heist

OTT Platform: Netflix

Not your usual crime series rather, it has a lot to offer along with an exciting plotline and promising actors especially. It is a fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled entertainment that’ll make your grey cells numb. The Professor, a character praised by all. Eight robbers, code-named after cities attempt to carry out the most flawless robbery in Spanish history that includes stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. Will the professor be successful in carrying out his plan without getting caught?

Stranger Things

OTT Platform: Netflix

A science-fiction horror series that revolves around the fictional town of Hawkins where a boy disappears amid supernatural occurrences and a girl named possesses psychokinetic abilities. It was selected as one of the top ten television programs of the year by the American Film Institute. Moreover, it was honored by the Emmy Awards and also won the Best Television Series award in the Golden Globe Awards and so forth. So it’s a must-watch paranormal series.

Scam, 1992

OTT Platform: Sony Liv

Based on the king of the stock market, Harshad Mehta, this series depicts the thin line between being courageous and greedy. It revisits the story of India’s first financial fraud exposed by a journalist. The storytelling is so precise that even a layman will get a good idea of the stock market along with great work by the actors. How did Harshad manage to perform such a huge scam? Go watch this amazing series to find out.


OTT Platform: Netflix

Commercial, political and authentic, all in all, unique. It chronicles the real life of the drug lord Pablo Escobar who used to smuggle drugs to America. Though the story is based on true events, it’s still very well written in terms of dialogues and remains extremely interesting for those who are unaware of Pablo’s story. Narcos is violent enough to shake your soul by gunfires. If you’re a fan of action, this one’s surely a must-watch.

Delhi Crime

OTT Platform: Netflix

We all must most likely be aware of the unsettling 2012 Nirbhaya gangrape case that shook the capital. This International Emmy Award-winning series is no easy watch but it should be watched in her condolence and in order to appreciate the efforts of Delhi Police in nabbing the six culprits in 7 episodes. Additionally, it is the perfect portrayal of the brutal crime that took place and the characters are well-played. It indeed is a must-watch to understand the sheer darkness of society.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

OTT Platform: Netflix/tvN

Do you crush over Kdramas? You must, as the level of storyline they offer is unmatchable. Hands down one of the best Kdramas you’ll ever watch as the 16 episodes are a blend of every genre possible namely thriller, psych, fantasy, romance, mystery, suspense .etc. It beautifully addresses mental issues and the power of healing along with the relationship between the characters who crave love. To sum up, each one of us must watch this one and once you enter the world of Kdramas, there’s no turning back.


OTT Platform: Netflix

A classic romance drama that reminds you of the Elizabethan Era. It is a novel-based series that explores the high society of London through its opulence. The direction, as well as the costume design, are exquisite and make you want to live in that era. This lavish drama inspires speaking with posh British syntaxes and you would end up adopting the accent for at least a few hours. The plot deals with marriages and their impact on gossipmongers and families. Watch this short series to find out about Lady Whistledown’s identity.

The Office

OTT Platform: Amazon Prime

This is a 10 season-long series that is made in the form of a mockumentary. It is different because, unlike other comic series, this one takes place in a boring place like the office. The office is depicted as a normal workspace without making it look over the top. The characters in the Sitcom are versatile as well as unique in their own ways with great chemistry among each other. Nothing in the series is extravagant and that’s what makes you laugh more and more. So, if you want a combination of light comedy with dark humor, go for it.

Special Ops

OTT Platform: Disney+Hotstar

One of the most gripping Indian web series that keeps flinging more and more twists at you with every episode. Furthermore, it bagged two Filmfare OTT awards among the eight nominations. The plot revolves around five RAW agents who aim to catch the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks that took place in India in the past years. Known for its amazing cinematography, special ops is a binge-worthy web series that is just 8 episodes long.

Little Things

OTT Platform: Netflix

Though the first season was premiered on YouTube, later Netflix purchased the franchise considering the immense success of the first season. The story revolves around a couple in their 20s in a live-in relationship where they face new challenges every day yet being together and eating at the end of the day. People began normalizing live-in relationships after watching the show. Since this show is a blend of comedy and realism, every couple would be able to relate to Dhruv and Kavya’s story.


OTT Platform: Voot Originals

Another distinctive Indian thriller that is well etched out and has infused numerous elements. The concept of a mythological thriller involves modern-day serial killers having religious ties that take you to another world. Meanwhile, a boy who suffers from autism is the Asur in the series and he considers himself as God. It is different from other contemporary shows and has a good pace even though it comprises of 8 episodes only.

The Good Doctor

OTT Platform: Amazon Prime

The Good Doctor is a medical drama based on the journey of a person with an autistic disorder. It also encourages women’s empowerment as the fierce women show their power against the men in their lives in the series. The faith that each doctor has in Shaun is well worth the watch, a faith earned. This series perfectly depicts the reality of health care. You can watch this one with your family and everyone is surely going to look forward to this one.

The Haunting of Hill House

OTT Platform: Netflix

You can run away from the ghosts of a haunted house and find a way past its horrors but what if the house itself is the evil force? You must have watched ample horror movies but a horror series is rare to hunt. Consequently, this is the first-ever haunting anthology series. It revolves around the tragic events that took place 20 years back in the Hill House and the stains they leave behind. “A ghost can be a lot of things, a memory, daydream, grief, secret or guilt. But in my experience, a ghost is a wish- be careful what you wish for.”

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