The Roller Coaster, called LIFE

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    Life is bumpy road, with no signs, road maps, directions or guiding fellow passengers. A road which we need to cross on our own. Our car of survival may get its tyre of hope punctured anytime on the way. The rocky path of obstacles may disrupt our voyage without any alarms of warning. Touching the destination point feels like holding the moon with both hands in reality, and not via the art of photography. But to reach the moon, one needs to travel the exigent journey from land to the sky.
    A journey with no seat belts. A journey where will, determination and hopes are the Lifelines. A journey depending merely upon the attitude of the driver. A journey where the fuel is Hard Work and the stepney is Luck. Is a journey called Life.

    “Life is a Dream for the wise, a Game for fool, a Comedy for the rich, and a Tragedy for the poor”, says Sholom Aleichem.

    But I feel that being rich, poor, wise or foolish are not categories under which we have been put by God. These are mere *Tags* which we ourselves roam around hanging. Ofcourse a poor farmer’s life is more challenging to survive. He may not even get a full course meal every day. A rich spoilt brat on the other hand may get to choose his dinner from an endless list in the Menu. But does that account for success in life? Does that imply anything with regard to happiness?
    A poor family that dines together, despite their food consisting of a stale Chapaati or a piece of bread, is much more elated than a busy wealthy man toiling at his job till midnight, unable to see the happy faces of his children before going to sleep. In the lust of material things, many a times we lose the charm of rejoicing every moment with our loved ones. Best things in life are for free! Cherish them before life perishes you.
    People crib for useless and petty things. God is remembered only on times of pain and never in gain. Thank him for the love you’ve got. Thank him for the happy times he brought. Apologize for cursing him while being low. Learn to accept what he gives and respect if he lets something go.
    Life is short. Joviality and success are worth the wait. Don’t let the sand slip out from your hands. Cherish every moment, until it’s too late.

    Ever seen a child cancer patient? Most of such children are such inspiring souls that after spending just an hour with them, you’ll realize the art of living and the worth of Life. They too live long. It’s just that there age is counted in moments and not years. All the suicide attemptors out there! If it is thst easy for you to snatch your breath with your own hands, then gift it to the ones who are yearning for few more *days* of life! Isn’t it funny? We get dreaded of Death so easily. But when it comes to chocking one’s one breath, we become Superheroes! I still can guarantee the fact that if you show a gun to a person attempting suicide, he still will get afraid of getting shot. Who doesn’t fear death? Everyone does. It’s just that we have stopped taking our lives seriously.

    My father usually says that however old we become, the child in us should never die. Keep it alive, to keep the living spirit in you alive.

    A fearless mind, a keen soul; a child is like a bird, flying high is his role. No worries about the future,no tensions from the past ; he knows that lovely memories, are forever gonna last! Big or small- fights with friends; he forgets everything, when the day ends.

    “To err is human, to forgive is divine” A child understands what we adults fail to!


    The world is filled with innumerable learnings. Learn how to fly, from the birds. Learn how to dance in the pain, like the peacock does in the rain. Learn how to selflessly care from a mother, and how to stand bold and tall like a father. Even if I mention a hundred things and creatures to learn from, it won’t work. It will come from within you! Because according to me,

    To be or not to be,
    To learn or not to learn,
    To live or not to live,

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