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10 Strangest places on Earth

Mother Earth has got such a wide variety of places of different moods to offer us! From romantic sea beaches, enchanting forests, sparkling blue water of the sea and the oceans to island of spooky headless dolls, land of poisonous vipers or the terrifying mass-suicide forests, everything adorns the crown like precious gemstones! So much that I had a very hard time filtering out only 10 among hundreds of such places which are all very bizarre and very famous in their own unique way! So here is my list which consists of places from around the globe that are spooky as well as the ones which, although have scientific explanations to their unique characteristics, are insanely unnerving to the core!

10 Strangest places on Earth
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The Vaadhoo island of Maldives is a quiet and peaceful vacation spot with less than 550 inhabitants living on this island.  But this island has something surreal as well as fascinating to offer to the tourists! How about a walk on the beach with stars strewn all around you? If you are not careful enough you may even step on one! You heard it right! The Sea of Stars on the Vaadhoo Island is a world famous place, which has got its name from the thousands of luminescent phytoplankton known as dinoflagellates. These phytoplankton are micro-organisms which when reacts with oxygen in the air gives out luminescence or light energy. The result is a sparkling sea beach, called Sea of Stars!

  • The Island of Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico:

10 Strangest places on Earth
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No, this is not a scene from the horror movie Annabelle but is the actual view of what one of the scariest places in the whole World looks like! What was once a beautiful garden is now home to mutilated and scary looking dolls with severed limbs, scooped out eyes and headless bodies. Needless to say, the history is one hell of a tragedy! In 1950, Julian Santana Barrera, the sole inhabitant of the island, found the dead body of a young girl floating in a canal surrounding the island. A little while later, he found the girl’s doll floating nearby. Assuming it belonged to the dead girl, he hung it from a tree to please the girl’s soul. As the days passed, Julian was possessed by madness and guilt from not being able to save the girl. He took hold of any doll or parts of dolls that he found anywhere, trashes, dumps, and hung them from the trees. Over 50 years he collected over 1500 such horrifying looking things!

The island is mostly deserted but going by the one or two local people, these dolls start moving and talking at night. The night-time experience is mortifying and gross, which is further due to the fact that Julian Barrera was found dead in the exact same spot in the same canal, where the girl was found.

  • The Snake Island of Brazil :

10 Strangest places on Earth
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If creepy crawlies make you feel uncomfortable then you may very well skip this one point! The Snake Island, off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean is home only to an insanely high number of poisonous snakes, including the critically endangered Pit Viper(this one eats only birds! baffling right!) which has made this island impossible for human habitation. Some 11,000 years ago, the snakes got trapped when the sea levels rose and separated the island from the mainland of Brazil. Faced with isolation and threat of life, these creatures evolved to become terrifying predators, often hunting in the treetops to strike down flying birds. Not only that, they adapted their venoms to become five times stronger, capable enough to melt human flesh!

  • Catacombe dei Cappucini of Sicily, Italy:

10 Strangest places on Earth
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With around 8000 corpses and 1252 mummies lining the walls, this catacomb is definitely not for the faint hearted! The dead bodies of the “friars” interred into the catacombs are preserved with an ancient procedure and are set in poses. Some are set in a praying position and some are seated peacefully in rocking chairs. Men, women, virgins, priests, monks, children, professionals all occupy different sections of this catacomb. The corpses are all dressed to their mighty best and are displayed as in a museum. The last corpse was that of a 2 year old girl, Rosalia Lombardo admitted in the 1920s, whose body still looks remarkably fresh due to the ancient embalming procedure. How about taking a visit?

  • Putul Bari of Kolkata, India:

10 Strangest places on Earth
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It seems like ghosts have some special affinity for dolls right! First, Island of Dolls and now comes the House of Dolls or Putul Bari. This huge building in North Kolkata near Shobhabazaar jetty is made in the Roman style of architecture and carries the testament of Bengal’s illustrious history of Colonialism by the British and the “Babu culture” among the rich and the famous in the then, Calcutta. The terrace of the building is lined with antique dolls which gives goose bumps and earned the place its name. It is said, that the Bengali Babus inhibiting the Putul Bari used to sexually exploit the paid dancers or the Baijis and even murdered them. To add to its mystery, the locals say that the spirits of the murdered baijis still haunt the place seeking revenge. It is said that deep at night, the upper stories of this palatial house come alive with shrill laughter of women’s voices, clinking of anklets and bangles. Now, whether there are really some ghosts residing or not is certainly debatable but the spookiness of this building is definitely mind boggling and is sure to give you jitters.

  • Blood Falls of Antarctica:

10 Strangest places on Earth
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Looks like someone has just been murdered at this spot right? Well, Nature sometimes likes playing such crazy jokes on us! And this is one of it! The blood-like “thing” seeping out of the huge Taylor Glacier of Antarctica for the past 5 million years is sure to unnerve many of us. According to geologists, the “blood” is nothing but a plume of water extremely rich in salt content and tainted with iron oxide. This iron-rich (Iron renders the water red) water seeps out profusely from the fissures of the glacier and the hyper salinity keeps the water from freezing, making it a frightening display of blood flowing out from the glacier.

  • The Suicide forest of Japan:

10 Strangest places on Earth
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Looks gorgeous and alluring right! Well, with a lethal record of unending suicides and its unbearable stillness in its atmosphere, this forest is the last to be considered for a causal stroll or a happy camping trip. The Aokigahara Forest or The Suicide Forest is unbelievably thick and dense and has earned its bad reputation for being one of the most popular places to commit suicide. Every year around a 100 people commit suicide mostly by hanging themselves from the branches of the trees or by consuming poison. Some believe demons and other mournful spirits torment the incoming visitors of the forests and lure them to die. The dense trees, the thick foliage and the uniformity of the pattern of the trees can easily get you lost into it. According to a visitor the eerie stillness of the forest chokes you and there is very little wildlife that inhabits the place.

  • Kodinhi Village, Kerala:

10 Strangest places on Earth
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Back to India again! The Kodinhi village in Kerala, India shot to fame when the census found that among the meagre 2000 people inhabiting the village, a whopping 350 pairs of twins exist! Although India has the least number of twins in the World, this village has the highest rate of twinning. Mysteriously enough, scientists could not provide any clear explanation to this strange high rate of twinning.

  • Mysterious Hill of Crosses, Lithuania:

10 Strangest places on Earth
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Although the Hill of Crosses is one of the most visited pilgrimage sires in the World, few would disagree that it is one of the eeriest places on Earth too! A hill bristled with lakhs of crosses made out of wood or metal of varied sizes and design, dug into the Earth to commemorate the dead, is no happy place to go for a leisurely vacation. This ancient place exists since the 14th century and stands as a powerful testament of people’s belief in the miracles of the Holy Christ.

  • Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan:

10 Strangest places on Earth
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If you have ever imagined hell as a blazing inferno, you might want to take a look at what it may look like or even wish to take a visit! In the middle of the Karakum Desert, near the village of Derweze(meaning door), lies a huge crater of diameter 69 meters and depth of 30 meters, blazing furiously like hell. This place was discovered by a group of Soviet scientists who in 1971 began searching for a suitable oil field and landed upon this place. It first it appeared to be a substantial oil reserve but as soon as they started drilling, the entire ground collapsed into a big crater releasing huge quantity of methane gas. To avoid the spilling of this poisoning natural gas to nearby areas, the scientists thought it was best to burn it off. Ironically, it was estimated that it would be a few weeks before the whole gas would burn out, but its 2018 now since 1971 and it is still burning.

So that’s it! Do write in the comment section below if you liked my article or not! Thank you!

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