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10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

Water bodies are immense pleasure to watch. But have you ever imagined what’s deep inside it? It’s obvious that there would be marine world or corals only but some of them are full of secrets. At some point of time, they have engulfed a whole city.. Terrifying isn’t it? Chill.. It isn’t that horrifying. Due to some natural calamities, the cities choose to hide inside the water. But barely anyone knows about it. So why don’t you take a tour of such hidden places.. Hope you will like it..

1.Atlantis10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

Atlantis has been hot topic of gossip since ages.  This sunken island is a complete mystery because no one knows its proper location. Even it is lost now, but every people have their own conception of this place’s location. Some assumes that it is located in Atlantic Ocean cause of closely related names whereas some people believe it was located in northern Europe. This island came to discussion cause of Plato. He, in his dialogues, named as Critias, introduced the place called Atlantis. That means this place is not completely a myth. This place has also captured attraction of Hollywood. Movies like ‘The Journey to the Mysterious Island’ and ‘Atlantics-The Lost Empire’ is based on this island.

2.Port Royal, Jamaica

This place was considered as ‘the most sinful cities of the world’. Starting from all night rage parties to boozing with prostitutes, served as heaven for pirates, this place was a hell lot of thing. But all its charm was stole by a earthquake of 7.5 Richter scale on June 1692. The whole city sank into ocean all at a once. But still some people believed that, it was not the earthquake that devastated this place, the notorious activities that took place in the city destroyed it.

3.Thonis-Heracleion, Egypt10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

This place is a combination of two mythology; Heracleion of ancient Greek and Thonis of ancient Egypt. While discoveries, many temples were found which was thought of temples for Egypt gods with eerily intact, complete with offerings that was once given to ancient Egyptian god. Along with temples, almost about 60 shipwrecks were also found. But still now the story behind the sinking of this place is still a mystery but it is believed due to the earthquake, this place sank.

4.The Pyramids Of Yonaguni, Japan10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

With being present at the east coast of Taiwan, this place is full of mystery. Even though some part of mystery is solved but still some parts are unsolved. This place was 1st discovered by kihachiro  Arakate, who was Japanese diver. He saw something unusual under the water and then found man-made structures so he believed there was a city too but no one paid attention to him. Later a scientist named kimura did more research on that place and then announced that there was surely a sunken city over there as the structure are difficult from the way of natural happenings.

5.Dwaraka, Gulf Of Cambay10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

This place has a great importance in Indian mythology. It is believed that this place was situated somewhere a place at northern India, adjoining Pakistan and Afghanistan.  It was found that this place was the well known ‘Harappan’ civilization which lasted between 5300 and 2800 years bp. Lon back right. The story of sinking is still a mystery because the place was available a long back so all we do is assumption.

6.Cleopatra’s Palace, Egypt

If 1400 yrs ago the earthquake would not have destroyed this place then surely this place would have still existed. This place was discovered by Frank Goddio, the president of European institute of underwater archaeology and his discovery was finally successful after 10 years of research. Along with ancient shipwreck and palace’s lighthouse, Cleopatra’s hairpin, jewellery, and cups were also found, giving complete evidence that the palace belonged to Cleopatra.

7. Lake Titicaca’s Pre-Incan Ruins, Bolivia/Peru10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

The ruins of huge ancient temples have been discovered beneath the Lake Titicaca. While the submerged city has not been found, the team of scientist said that the ruins appeared to be 1000-1500 years back. It thus predates the Incas and could point to the Tihuanaco people, who lived in the shores of Titicaca. The ruins were found in an area of the lake between the town of Copacabana and the popular tourist destinations of the islands of the sun and the islands of moon.

8.Atlit-Yam,Israel10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

Atlit-yam provides the earliest known evidence for an agro-pastoral-marine subsistence system on the Levantine coast. It lies between 8-12 meters beneath sea level, in bay of atlit, at the mouth of the Oren River on the Carmel coast. Underwater excavations have uncovered rectangular houses and a well. The site was covered by the ecstatic rise of sea-levels after the end of the ice age.

9.Baiae,Italy10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

This place was a roman sea side resort on the bay of Naples. It was said to have been named after Baius, who was supposedly buried there. Baiae was for several hundred years a fashionable resort, especially towards the end of roman republic. Baiae was sacked by Muslim raiders and was deserted because of malaria by 1500. Because the coast subsided, largely due to local volcanic activity, most of Baiae  is now under water.

10.Lion City Of Quiandao Lake, China10 Lost Under Water Cities Of The Ancient World

A maze of white temples, memorial arches, paved road, and houses.. Hidden 130 ft underwater, this is china’s Atlantis. The lion city was tucked in a lake between the five lion mountain. The historical metropolis was slowly filled with water until it was completely submerged by the turquoise- blue mass, now referred as Quiandao Lake. The city is between 80-131 feet under water.


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