Love Of A Different Kind


    Sometimes when its dark,

    and outside so cold,

    Suddenly,just a memory of you,

    one of many those I hold..

    Your face’s glow,

    makes the cold seem warm..

    and suddenly,

    the dark means no harm.

    Your skin, oh I remember..

    so soft,so bright,so tender..

    and as for your eyes,

    so intense I wonder!

    Just one moment,

    and I knew it

    that it was your smile..

    spreading radiance to every bit..

    Your hands were so delicate,

    and lips were tempting..

    I love the way they move

    every time that you sing..

    And oh! your hair..

    it falls so perfectly..

    different shades of brown..

    all set in harmony

    Never did I see such beauty,

    I couldn’t stop but adore you,

    took a deep breath and sighed,

    for now you were alone and that was my cue.

    I took a step towards you,

    and my heartbeat got faster..

    I was thinking of what to say

    something that would make the talk last longer.

    With each step,

    you seemed prettier..

    the closer I got to you..

    more of your voice I could hear.

    No words can tell,

    how soothing was your voice,

    I could listen to it all day then and now

    if given a choice.

    The words didn’t matter,

    as long as I got to hear you..

    and now my heartbeat had got,

    a rhythm all too new.

    You turned towards me,

    and gave a smile,

    oh! my heart stopped beating

    for quite a while!

    I was frozen yet I dared to ask,

    and how graciously you had agreed to dance,

    I cherish that moment till now..

    em so glad that I took that chance.

    We kept dancing and talking..

    everything made me adore you much more..

    we never even realized..

    when one dance became four..

    We loved each other..

    and I loved you way too much..

    but we were not lovers..

    the relationship was such..

    We became each other’s strength

    and also the weakness..

    but our love just grew with time..

    some too happy and some a lil less..

    I am married now and you as well,

    and we have kids too..

    but still when em low or scared..

    what brightens me is nothing but you..!!!


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