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Inspirational women around the world

As is rightly said there is no greater force than that of a determined women. Despite the fact that majority of the world has witnessed a patriarchal system since the beginning there has been a revolutionary change in the status of women which was not an overnight alchemy. Since the ages there have been women who have been working behind the cause of empowering the status of women by not just working for their own cause but the welfare of the entire society. These guiding lights not just made the perception towards women change but even ignited in them the spark to fight for their own cause.

10. Michelle Obama

michelle_obamaThe first Afro-American first lady of the US is an ideal role model for millions of people.  She is an apostle of higher education, healthy living and awareness about poverty. She has devoted herself to work for the upliftment of the society and the proper guidance of the youth so that they channelize their life in a well made way. She is also the co-founder of Let Girls Learn, the US initiative which aids in making girls attend schools across the globe. She is not just a lawyer, writer and a public activist rather she is an amalgamation of these roles in a dear daughter, wife and mother. She is a perfect example to cite that a woman can start from an absolute nowhere and actually do wonders in her life.

9. Benazir Bhutto

benazirThe first ever female prime minister of a Muslim nation, Bhutto was not just an ideal political activist but an ideal daughter who led her father’s mission of public welfare. Bhutto was supposedly the only one who worked for the uplifting of women’s status in Pakistan. She set up job quotas for women, set up only women police stations and banks as well. It is believed that Bhutto’s assassination was a sacrifice for the democracy. However it left many disheartened and broken for whom the only spark of upheaval got lost amid the clouds of violence and hatred with her assassination. She however continues to inspire many women today.

8. Margaret Thatcher

margaret_thatcherThe first and only female to serve as the British Prime Minister for tenure of 11 years, Thatcher was an icon of political right. Despite the fact that Thatcher hated feminism she still is an incredible role model for the damsels for if it was not her, the women would have had no dreams to be in power. Her position gave the women the courage to believe that they are not meant to be ruled over every time and everywhere, their voice too can be aired. Although her idea of policies is not approved of by many her story of success is a historic event which brings about an eternal inspiration to women.

7. Florence Nightingale

florence nightingaleNightingale was one of the first women to go in the field of modern medicine. At the time of Russian and French invasion, Nightingale was a voluntary nurse for the soldiers who worked endlessly to revive their condition, bring down their death rate and enhance their health.  She led many women’s rights groups and was the one to advocate for women career. She pressed upon the fact that there should not be any distinction between men and women regarding the career they choose. She even wrote a book as an argument to the belief that women cannot have careers. She was a hero at the time and is thus a source of inspiration for millions till yet.

6. Princess Diana

 (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

An icon is not just someone you look up to and you feel captivated, an icon is someone who is a hero in real life. Princess Diana was one such person who despite of her personal problems in her health and married life gave her everything to help the needy. It was maybe her own suffering that she could understand what it was like. She was a god for the victims of land mine accidents specially the children whom she gave another spark and strength to live. She worked for their cause and even her family after her demise formed a fund in her name which helps such people anywhere around the globe to keep her moral deed alive.

5. Coco Chanel

coco_chanelTo be an icon you need to be someone who did what they wanted, someone who stood up for themselves. Coco Chanel is one such person who made it big. She completely transformed the way women dressed and emancipated women from their stereotypical attire. Life wasn’t easy for her as she grew up in an orphanage but she was determined and focused and she believed in the power of self to do what one wants to do. She did not transform the attires to please anyone. All she did was because she felt good about it. She did not pay any heed if someone disapproved of her style she was always innovating and going on. She is a fashion icon till date and so much so that living in her brand is not a child’s play. She has set her own standards which continue to make a mark even today.

4. Rosa Parks

Rosa ParksReferred to as the Mother of Modern Day Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks was an epitome of exemplary courage which brought about the revolutionary Montgomery Bus Boycott. Her refusal to give up her seat brought about a revolution and gave the others of her kind courage to stand for their rights and be their own voice. A civil rights activist, Rosa won over her fears and stood up for basic human dignity and rights. She is a person to look up to for self esteem and self respect on humanitarian grounds.

3. Indira Gandhi

indragandhiThe first female prime minister of India who was entitled with the appellation ‘Iron Lady of India’ Indira Gandhi was a strong and determined woman who seeped into politics at a very tender age. It is she who made India a dreadful force by supporting its nuclear weapon programs, boosted Green revolution and is also the one who changed the perception of men towards women. Despite the culture of the country which considers women subordinate to men, she stayed in power and her tenure was the second longest of any female prime minister in the world. She was a woman of exemplary courage till and beyond her assassination.

2. Queen Elizabeth II

queen-elizabeth-iiThe oldest supremacy, Queen Elizabeth II has outlived her great-great grandmother and has reigned for more than 60 years now. The only thing constant in the Great Britain over the years has been the Queen. Her reign has been quite long but the stability shows how well everything under her reign is. It’s  the way she has worked for the citizens that she has earned herself so much love and respect and is indeed one of the most inspiring and powerful women to look up to. Despite her roots being in tradition she has not only adapted herself to the modernized world but so has done the same to her monarchical principles.

1. Mother Teresa

mother-teresaCommitted for uplifting the society, Mother Teresa was a personification of love, sacrifice and kindness.  She was committed to her cause to care for the destitute and needy and kept to her work even in the phase of criticism. She gave her everything selflessly for the welfare of people and devoted herself to their service completely. She well deserves the title ‘Mother’ because she has taken care of the people just like a mother selflessly loves her children and devotes her to their care. She is indeed the perfect example of selfless devotion towards the mankind.

Even though the male domination still prevails but the initiatives of such women and many more like them has revolutionised women empowerment and has made it an issue of great concern for everyone. It has made the women realise that they need to take a stand for themselves and has taught the male gender that women are no less and many of them have proved to be the supreme power too. The deeds and the initiatives of such courageous women  has made them a source of inspiration for many even today.


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