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10 Fun activities to do with your friends without spending much..! (Updated)

Who doesn’t want to spend fun time with friends and when it comes for free?

Yes, you have read it right. You don’t really need to spend lots of money to have fun with your friends. Hanging out with your buddies at times can be extremely lavish, or possibly more costly than the capacity you have to manage.

Here are some activities that you can do with your friends on a regular basis without spending much.


  1. Volunteer as a group

Spend your weekend together volunteering for any charity program or work for the local senior center. There are many opportunities to volunteer with a lot of fun and you will have the new respect for each other at the end of this.

  1. Movie Night

Why spend money on a motion picture ticket when you can simply watch a film in your home with your friends?  Pop some popcorn and have a few beverages and it’s still cheaper than any theater experience and it would be a lot of fun and enjoyable too.

  1. Bicycle Ride

Exercise and experience your hometown by cycling around. Pick your cycle and with your friends go for a ride. It will be a lot of fun and good for your health too.

  1. Playing a Sport all together

Take a basketball down to the park and shoot some hoops. Most of the parks have courts and fields can be used for free as long.  It doesn’t take much equipment at all to play a sport together that gets everyone involved in a bunch of healthy exercise and fun.

  1. Make your own crafts

Collect the waste paper and things and start making crafts with your friends .You can also use all the crafts you made for decorating your home with all new handmade crafts.

  1. Going to the Beach

Sun, sand, ocean, swimming, walks, seagulls— the shoreline will renew the vitality inside our bodies.

  1. Viewing the stars

 The city lights make it difficult to see the stars, so spend some time strolling to a spot to admire the night sky and spend there a couple of minutes  with your nearest friends.

  1.  Host a spa day

Give each other manicures and try out some new hairstyles. Make some facial masks or exfoliates using natural, and homemade products or ingredients.

  1. Watching the Sunset

Spend a perfect evening with your best friends. Find a great spot to catch the view of sunset. The view will give you a tremendous happy feeling and peace. So get set go for the search to catch the view for the perfect sunset.

  1. Dinner party at home with friends

The idea for dinner party is pretty simple. With your group of friends prepare dinner with fun and full of jokes. I bet you all are going to have many fun moments and lots of fun memories to make. What it took to hang out with your friends is just an evening, dinner, your friends and your home.



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