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Understand the intricacies in life

During each day immediately on getting up from the bed raise your hands and tell boldly and loudly – “Today is going to be an important day for me and I will be happy throughout the day and I am going to achieve all my ambitions today without any difficulty”. This drive will initiate you to perform the tasks comfortably and accurately

Develop a desire to earn money irrespective of the age. Money provides financial strength. You may be comfortable with the financial security and strength provided by your parents and you may be having money to the fullest extent and there may not be any necessity for you to work even for an hour. However, once you find a job, earn money and spend the earned money for yourself, your family members and the society. There is no doubt that you will be deriving an immense satisfaction for having accomplished something during your life time and you will feel proud since you are one among the contributors for the society by doing some productive activities. The satisfaction you gain out of your work cannot be gained by any other means. Work provides you satisfaction, happiness, fulfillment, strength, health, wealth and everything you want to achieve in this world. In this journey, money is the reward available in physical form and others provide your mental satisfaction apart from health.


In order to assume positive qualities, repeatedly think that this world is good and the people in the world are good. Always believe that happiness is available in plenty everywhere in the world. Always believe that you are going to get success and your life will be always the happiest. It is an open secret that the busy man always is found to be happy and cheerful.

What is failure?

Failure is the opinion in the minds of the people around you. Failure is the earliest decision taken by people who are found to be lazy, fearful and lack constructive thinking. Because everybody is surrounded by such kind of people, we are made to think that we are meeting failures often. A student is appearing for an examination; however, he could not succeed in the examination. It may be on account of improper planning; poor time management during preparation as well as during examination; depending on others for guidance; comparison with his friends and lack of preparation. Once he fails in the examination, if he takes some time to think in terms of the above, he may be getting better guidance as to how he can proceed in future while he is appearing for the examination next time.

Goethe said: “Whatever you imagined and whatever you wanted to do, do it yourself today and there is no necessity towards any postponement. ”

Successful people never think about the past and in the same manner, they do not spend much time in thinking about the future and they know pretty well, that future is uncertain. They try to utilize the time available at their disposal to the best.

In fact, abundant knowledge, abundant power and abundant miracles are found in ignorance and not in books and periodicals. In order to understand self-ignorance, the individual should try to accomplish something by managing his time better.



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