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Why Are We Unable To Quit Facebook?

Social media has taken over our individual lives. There’s no point in denying this, it has. Be it instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, YouTube, and so on, it is our everything. The ways through which we show off ourselves. Everything is on the internet these days, from first day at college stories to heart breaks, from complicated relationships to the pain of losing someone dear. Everything and everyone is on social media nowadays. But what is so special about social media these days that makes it so hard to even think about quitting it?


Facebook is not only one of the oldest but also the most popular social networking site. The story of how Facebook came to be is now known by all after the infamous and very successful movie The Social Network, where the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of our favourite social site, was portrayed. But what makes facebook so incredibly irresistible that the thought of staying off it is something that never crosses our minds, that it gave the very old site Orkut a tough competition.

Few of the most common reasons are:

  • Facebook connects people from all over the world : There have been instances when you have gotten friend requests from this person who you never even spoke to in school, but then facebook gives you the opportunity. That crush whom you could never talk face to face, facebook helps you to talk to him virtually so that you’re more comfortable, friends who’ve moved to different countries can be communicated through this.


  • Other than that facebook also helps in finding old friends or family members whom you once knew but then lost contact. That best friend from the 5th grade or that boy you had a crush on from elementary school, everyone and anyone is on facebook and thus if you know their name finding them is really not that difficult.


  • The attention which one gets via facebook is also something which makes it really really addictive. The number of likes on a picture makes you want to post more and more pictures, the attention you get from friends, or even random strangers is something a few people bask in and thus being on facebook becomes a must for them.


  • Facebook also provides a good stage for all kinds of advertisements and news. If you are in urgent need of something a simple facebook status is all it needs to attract everyone’s attention to you or maybe you are starting a business and need buyers and customers a simple page on facebook and the word spreads like fire.

Thus facebook is really much more than just a social networking site and probably that is why it is not possible to get enough of facebook.


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