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Top 5 Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites not only help you connect with your friends and far relatives, it is also a platform to showcase your interests and talents. It also supports you to enrich your leadership skills by managing a group of people or pages etc… It has the ability to enlighten your talents and also help you plan for your career. There many more advantages of these sites but yes as usual, this also has some limitations that you need to confine yourself for a smooth and fruitful outcomes. So, yes here are some of these platforms which have created already created their image in the society with both positive and negative feelings. But their impact on people only relies on their mindset and usage.

  1. Facebook: It was founded in the year 2004 by by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. This is renowned website and mobile application which has many users and much admiration. The founder has recently owned one of the leading messaging apps, ‘Whatsapp’ too. Facebook gives its users an opportunity to create and manage pages and groups. It also provides a great platform to be closer to the far ones.
  2. Twitter: This is the most popular social networking site where celebrities directly interact with their followers through tweets. This also enables the fans and the followers to trend their favourite celebrities and also know their updates. Many famous personalities and great people officially keep in touch with all their followers through Twitter.
  3. Hike: It is an Indian messaging app launched in the year 2012. It reached many users across the country and has been accepted widely. It offers free messages with stickers, voice calling feature and a lot more. Hike also provides its users with worldwide news keeping them updated and also sends some funny images via a feature named ‘Just for laughs’. There is another interesting feature provided by Hike that is whenever you feel bored and have no friends online, you can chat with ‘Natasha’ which is nothing but a bot which talks to you just like a person. And whenever you want to escape from irritating people, you can also ask for a fake call through Hike. So, yes this is how Hike offers many exciting features in its app.
  4. Instagram: This is yet another busy platform where people share their everyday photos with their friends, family and followers. Many celebrities too share their daily clicks on this and increase their popularity and fan following.
  5. Snapchat: It is an image messaging and interactive program mobile application that allows users to have an amazing messaging experience. 


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