Top 12 fashion trends for teenagers


Fashion and trends are something we read about and witness on a day-to-day basis. Some people believe that fashion trends are nothing but a new wave of style that hits the market. These fashion trends hit the market like a bomb and everyone wants to follow them. Fashion bloggers and enthusiasts are the ones who invent these fashion trends. The world knows when it comes to fashion, women have always been at the forefront. This has resulted in many teenagers taking up fashion seriously. Teenagers have also started following fashion trends. So let’s dive into the fashion trends for teenagers this season.

Top 12 fashion trends for teenagers

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1. Floral prints


They have always been in trend when summers hit in. This time they are ruling the year. Florals are the go-to outfit for a mid-day lunch, movie outings with your friends or when on a holiday. Floral print dresses are in trend for beachside weddings this season. Teenagers can pair a floral top with a pair of jeans or shorts for a casual look. The recent teenager fashion trend of floral skirts with plain colored tops has become very famous. Other options for teenagers could be to pair a floral print jumpsuit with plain accessories and shoes. A plain white salwar kameez can be paired with a floral scarf or dupatta, to add elegance to the look. You can also Pair it up with floral print earrings. Floral prints are for sure one of the top fashion trends for teenagers in 2019.

2. Snake Prints


Their trend had disappeared for quite a few years, but in 2019 the wave is back. The most trending animal print is undoubtedly the snake prints. From teenagers to the middle-aged woman to a working woman and the older lot, all of them have embraced snake prints with open arms. The season started off with snake print jackets and skirts and then moved on to pants, heels and even shirts. I believe all you teenagers can curate some wonderful looks with snake prints. You can pair a plain black top with snake print pants and an oversized snake print coat. This could be the perfect outfit for an evening party or any event that you are attending. Another outfit that you can create is a snake print long dress with plain black stilettos and accessories to go with it. For a casual outing, teenagers can follow the fashion trend of pairing a snake print jacket with white or black inner and blue denim jeans. To complete the look, snake printed sneakers would be the best. What are you waiting for go follow one of the top 12 teenager fashion trends.

3. Pastels


My all-time favourite fashion trend is back and every teenager is in love with pastels this year. Summers are an ideal time to wear pastels as they are subtle and soothing to the eyes. Many casual looks can be created with pastel outfits. When going out for a brunch or a casual outing pair a sky blue, lemon yellow or a baby pink pastel top with white or denim shorts and white sneakers. This is the go-to look when in a dilemma. When on a trip with friends or family, you can go for a long pastel coloured dress and pair it up with heels and the appropriate accessories. Pastel sunglasses are also trending, so don’t forget them when creating your look this summer. Pastels are surely one of the top 12 fashion trends for teenagers this summer.

4. Neon outfits


Neon coloured outfits have been creating a buzz in the fashion market ever since they were introduced. These vibrant colours light up your mood and get you going for a party, event or an outing. pair up a plain neon top with ripped jeans and sneakers for a casual day out. When attending a party pair up a black tank top with a neon pantsuit and black stilettoes. Neon sarees are also trending this year. When attending a wedding or a farewell party, doll up in a neon saree with subtle plain jewelry. Neons are back with being one of the top 12 fashion trends for teenagers this year.

5. Patchwork Kurtis


Every college going girl must follow this trend at some or the other point. Patched Kurtis is the perfect outfit for a college day or when going out with friends. Office going women can also pair up patchwork kurtis with jeans or leggings. Pair the outfit with a matching pair of jhumkis and a statement watch to blend with the outfit. If the kurti is a very long one, you can also use it as a dress and pair your look accordingly. Kurtis always has a multi-utility factor in them. Go curate your patchwork kurti looks as they definitely are one of the top 12 fashion trends for teenagers in 2019.

6.Bike shorts


This is a totally new trend that has been doing really well. Teenagers, women going to work or even for a casual outing can pair these biker shorts in multiple ways. When going to office pair them up with a coat and a broad belt and heels. If going out for a casual outing pair your biker shorts with a plain top and a shrug to make the look more bold. You can also pair your biker shorts with tank tops and casual tops to make it a gym wear outfit. Bike shorts are ruling as one of the top 12 fashion trends for teenagers this year.

7. Shrunken bags


Lately every style icon in India or abroad has made the shrunken bags a viral fashion trend. These mini bags add to the look of almost every outfit. Teenagers can carry them when out on a casual outing or in college. Pair them with a casual tee and jeans and you are good to go. Working women can pair these shrunken bags with a formal skirt and shirt outfit and also with a pantsuit. To complete the look wear stilettoes and you are ready for work. Shrunken bags surely proved to be among the top 12 fashion trends for teenagers in 2019.

8. Puffed and ruffled sleeves


This year every runway was ruled with the puffed and ruffled sleeves. From dresses to fancy tops and coats, ruffled and puffed sleeves were everywhere. All you teenagers must explore this fashion trend. Stand out from the crowd by making an appearance in a puffed sleeves blazer dress, jumpers, and tops. Pair it up with pants and skirts and the right accessories. It’s time to go back to the ’90s. Go check out the fashion trend as it’s one of the top 12 fashion trends for teenagers in 2019.

9. Denim

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I always believed that denim is one fashion trend that can never go out of fashion. They did disappear for a while. Well, they are back with a boom. Almost every Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity made multiple appearances in denim this year. Teenagers can pair denim jumpers with sneakers or go with a plain white tee paired with denim shorts or jeans. They are undoubtedly the most simple yet chic outfits to go for. Denim jackets over dresses are also another fashion trend to follow. Denim is the go-to fashion trend for teenagers in 2019.

10.Tank tops

12 fashion trends

This year wear the tank top in every possible way. Pair it up with a shrug and denim jeans and create a trendy look. You can also wear the tank top with a pantsuit and create the boss lady look. Tank tops can be paired with shorts and can also be used as inners for dresses with deep necks. These hacks made the tank top a leading fashion trend for teenagers in 2019.

 11.Printed Scarfs


This trend has taken over the fashion market. Printed scarfs add elegance and style to every possible look. They can be paired with every outfit. Pair them up with plain Kurtis, a normal top with jeans or a long dress. Teenagers can carry these looks for outings, dinners or even as daily wear outfits to college. Printed scarfs are among the top 12 fashion trends for teenagers in 2019. Go curate some looks for yourself.



The evergreen trend. Whites are never ever going out of trend. Whenever you are in a confusion, just go with the whites in your wardrobe. Teenagers going for a casual day out can wear white dresses and pair it with a colored shrug or a denim jacket. You can also wear a pure white kurti with denim jeans and pair it with metallic jewellery. If attending a night party go for a white shimmery top with a contrasting skirt or you can also wear a plain white jumper with bright coloured accessories.  Go explore more about this trend. Whites are with no second thoughts one of the top 12 fashion trends for teenagers in 2019.


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