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TOP 10 Wedding Destinations in India

“Can we tie a knot, and stay blessed forever!”…”Yes, definitely!” comes the prompt reply, from the wedding couple. But, what is next in the list? Planning for the gala event, with India’s largest and renowned Wedding Planners.

India – God’s own country, has now in the vogue, amongst young couples for their destination wedding. In India, where the Nature God resides, the exotic locales like, Kerala, Goa, Jaipur, to name a few, comes under the list of a destination wedding. India is an amalgamation of awe-inspiring destinations while adorning the special occasion called ‘Life’, coupled with enamor and magnificence. The choices may differ amongst individual couples, ranging from snow-capped mountains, majestic architecture, peaceful backwaters, sun-kissed coastlines, ancient cities, rich values, enthralling ethnicities or deep-rooted population – India caters for all while making the wedding a life-long cherished event.

1. Exquisite and Cosseted: Goa

TOP 10 Wedding Destinations in India

Goa is an amalgamation of attractive beach beauties, churches, Portuguese architecture, antique monuments, greeneries, rocky terrains and wide skyline. Being at a Goa’s beach resort, the wedding has to be a unique one, with after-party and various related beach-ceremonies, cocktails on the beach and rain-dances. Goa tops the list as the wedding destination, one can always make sure to give a traditional and tropical-look in the whole event!

2. Tie the knot in Quietude: Kerala

TOP 10 Wedding Destinations in India

Kerala, a state in Southern India, well-known as a tropical paradise of waving palms and wide, sandy beaches stances as another wedding destination. Serene and picture-perfect locales, is an ideal place for beach-weddings, where the loving couple declare themselves to be man and wife. Weddings in the Kerala Backwaters is quite a common affair nowadays, and the wedding planners help with all the arrangements, immaculately. Zuri Kumarakom is one of the places where Kerala weddings gets conducted, and caters for luxury, apart from serenity to the wedding couples. Varkala beach is another renowned place for beach weddings. Kerala, being famous for elephants, the couples are taken on elephant back to their wedding place. This ‘elephant-themed wedding’ has become very common, in recent times.

3. Sign of Royal Primacy: Udaipur

TOP 10 Wedding Destinations in India

Udaipur, the city of magnificent palaces, forts and serene lakes, follows nest in the list of wedding destinations in India. It is one amongst the most romantic destinations, full of historic and grand architecture. In Udaipur, the City Palace is the happening place where the weddings are taken place. Imagining a wedding couple, tying the knot at the place where, at one time, kings and queens lived, makes the whole concept spectacular and full of grandeur. India’s one of the best wedding planner and event manager, caters for all the requirements, to make the wedding a memorable one!

Another best place in Udaipur is the Jag Mandir. Located in the middle of Pichola Lake, in one of the sought after wedding locales, after City palace. The romantic mood goes enhanced, with the mesmerising presence of lakes and exquisite sculptures. Though the fort was made in 18th century, but got refurbished with modern state of art living. If someone tries to find only authenticity, then should rely upon this place in Rajasthan.

4. Place of Royals: Jaipur


Pink City, Jaipur is chosen by many couples for their wedding. The reason behind this are the awe-inspiring locales the city has. Owing to the legal backdrop, Jaipur’s Raj Mahal, Jai Mahal Palace and many others gives the magical feeling, during any celebration. Jaipur’s age-old mansions, like the Mandhawa Havelis, The Samode Palace, is slowly getting popular amongst the wedding couples, in the recent times. Jaipur’s event management companies are acclaimed to be one amongst the other wedding planners to have catered for many weddings at this above-mentioned places. The lovely backdrop of Aravalli Hills, goes hand-in-hand with the occasion, delighting the couple along with their loved ones.

5. Plunge in a Majestic Style: Jodhpur


Jodhpur, in Rajasthan has the latest palaces, some of which caters for the purpose of destination wedding. Umaid Bhavan Palace, in Jodhpur provides a portion of it, for the wedding or reception to get conducted. The Royal Family still resides in the other half of the palace, and in the recent years, several weddings have taken place. There are several other palaces, like the Ranbanka Palace, Ajit Bhawan, which also is considered for the wedding purpose. Apart from the palaces, the Mehergarh Fort is well-known for the grand receptions, which takes place there. Hence, the wedding couple can plan accordingly, to get their wedding conducted in a palace, and the reception in the magnificent fort!

6. Attractive Wedding Locale: Sainik Farms, Delhi

If the wedding couples decide on spending a crore for their lifetime event, Delhi’s Sainik Farms comes up as the best choice. Not only is the choice best, but costliest as well. This place is generally chosen by the elite class people and most of the socialites can be seen present, at the choicest of weddings. Sainik Farms, situated at the southernmost tip of India’s capital Delhi, has become 50 years old, still maintaining the age-old traditions, concerning the beauty and décor.

7. A Picture-perfect Milieu: Himachal Pradesh

TOP 10 Wedding Destinations in India

Mountainous terrains and snow-capped mountains, showcases magically the wedding, when conducted at Himachal Pradesh. The awe-inspiring valleys, ever-green meadows and the foothills, in the lap of Mother Nature, is most preferred amongst the couples, in recent times. The beauty of flora and fauna, lets them cherish the moments life-long.

8. The Paradise of Lovers: Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer, Rajasthan’s one of the famous tourist destination, has in recent years have slowly adapted to the trend of a destination wedding. Jaisalmer consist of the oldest forts, where the destination weddings take, place. Moreover, the city being famous for sand dunes and local entertainment guests flock together to attend and bless the young couple, along with the give a treat to their body, soul and mind.

9. Marital Happiness on Fascinating Locales: Alibaug

TOP 10 Wedding Destinations in India

Following Goa and Kerala, Alibaug is very famous for catering destination wedding. Alibaug, a Konkan area, in Maharashtra, is very commonly visited place for the beach weddings. Kashid beach, which is a couple of hours drive from Mumbai, is one of the cleanest beach, where the wedding couple plan for their wedding. India’s well-known wedding planner, thus capably arranges for all that are required for a destination wedding. Apart from beach wedding, there are several resorts, where the next to kin and associates can stay, during the whole event.

10. Mussoorie – Queen of hills

TOP 10 Wedding Destinations in India

Beautiful and thickly covered with greens, the queen of hills, Mussourie, definitely comes under the list of the wedding destinations. The pristine view of the sunset at the Himalayas, clear blue skies add on to the romantic milieu, as found in any wedding. The cascades and

attractive construction turns it to a paradise for the wedding couple. The colorful sunsets, moreover make that one really does have an overwhelming wedding ceremony, which is to be reminisced the whole life. The wedding can out to be stimulating transformation and very much out-of-the-box, if organized with style.

So, what are love-birds waiting for? It’s time to rock the wedding dais with glam, glitter and grandeur!

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Arpita Chatterjee
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