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Top 10 Most Popular Indian Shows In 2022

From college dramas to real-life stories, OTT platforms streamed all kinds of shows for us in 2022. Some were a source of entertainment, whereas others taught us lessons about life. Here’s the list of the most popular Indian shows, in case you missed watching any of them!

The streaming industry has become highly competitive in recent years. And still, there is scope for growth in the coming days. That’s because people are giving up on conventional content and streaming original content. Have you watched all of it? If not, these are some popular shows!

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Shows In 2022 | Shows That Are Perfect For Primetime!

Many Indian shows are a visualization of our lives. So, it’s clear why they were famous. Let’s talk about them in detail!

#1 Panchayat

Panchayat’s light-hearted drama got a lot of praise from people because it represents youth and its problems. Many young engineers like Abhishek fail to find suitable jobs, and this is something that many families enjoy!

#2 Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime became one of the most popular Indian shows because it is based on a true incident. The actual incident took place in 2012 in Delhi. And viewers loved the performance of cast members, according to a report on 2022 streaming trends.

#3 Rocket Boys

Rocket Boys won many hearts because it features the true story of two famous Indian scientists, Dr. Homi Bhabha and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. Also, it feels surreal to watch the graph of popular characters like Jawaharlal Nehru and APJ Abdul Kalam.  

#4 Human

Human is a popular show because it keeps you hooked with its engaging narrative. Also, it sheds light on the mean people we often meet daily. Viewers perceived it as a remarkable show.

#5 Mirzapur

Mirzapur became a high-demand show because it resonates with life in small towns in India. Most importantly, the dialogues are very impressive.

#6 Gullak

Viewers highly praised Gullak because of its simplicity. The show does not have lavish locations, but still, it holds beauty. The depiction of a middle-class family is close to reality. Also, the straightforward narrative keeps you hooked till the end.

#7 Abhay

The psychological crime thriller Abhay gained popularity due to the fantastic performance of Kunal Khemu. People liked the show because it has fast-paced stories and some influencing antagonists. In addition, all the characters have attractive personalities.

#8 College Romance

College-going students and even people of middle age liked watching College Romance. The show that focuses on college life made everyone remember their college days. How a group of friends fights against all odds is a lesson for teenagers.

Final Words

It will be an exciting year for streaming in 2023 for Indian streamers. As our lives are changing, the storylines of shows are also evolving. So, upcoming shows and movies might focus more on common life problems. Let’s hope for more new stories!

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