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Top 10 Latest Parental control Apps

It’s implied that kids nowadays have more access to advanced innovation than any generation in humanity’s history. Regardless of whether its PCs, TVs, tablets, and cell phones, a large number of our kids are presented to innovation since early on, in some cases as youthful as two years of age, with a normal lounging around six and a half hours daily. Are you sure that this smartphone is a boon for your children? Does your child also hide his/her phone when you enter their room? You require one of the best parental monitoring apps for your kid’s smartphone. The best parental control apps offer various ways to limit the time spent on devices, track usage and location, restrict tasks, and block apps or games.

Net Nanny Parental Control App

It is the best Parental Control App, as per Tom’s Guide.

With this Net Nanny Parental Control app for screen time parenting, you will have a proper management of whatever is going on and in the right way, frauds and bad influences.

Net Nanny’s amazing new Family Feed provides:

  • Instant reporting of Internet
  • explorations
  • Immediate alerts that your baby may have viewed sex entertainment, Drugs, Weapons, Suicide, or other unusable content.

Supported OS – Android and iOS

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Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids gives you more than standard parental control measures to make parenting a more natural process. 

Apart from allowing you to block unhealthy content, manage device and app use, and find out instantly about any kind of suspicious online behavior, it also provides you with the ability to locate your kids on a map and helps them to make sure that the location shared is good. This App gives you access to such an extent that you can manage to control as much as you want with this amaizng app on the line. It gives you way more than standard parental control measures to make parenting easier. 

Supported OS – Windows/ MacOS/ iOS/ Android

ESET Parental Control

This amazing app encompasses all features of restricting and keeping track of your child’s smartphone, then you need not worry now, ESET Parental Control offers seamlessly beneficial features.

ESET has a decent parental monitoring app. Its free version offers limiting time on games, app blocking, and basic reporting. Although it’s premier version has a lot more features, including website tracking, location tracking, parental messaging, and a detailed version of the report of what your ward is doing.

Supported OS – Android


OurPact is a breakthrough app that combines all the features of screen time parental control app, app blocker, website blocker GPS locator, kid tracker, and family locator that enables parents to manage their family’s screen time and locate them.

It comprises of the following fantastic features.

  • Blocks/Grants
  • Schedules
  • Block Apps
  • Geofencing with Places
  • Screen Time Allowance
  • App List
  • Block Texting
  • Block/Allow Websites
  • New App Alerts
  • Family Locator
  • Phone Tracker
  • Kid Tracker

Supported OS – Android and iOS

Norton Family Parental Control

Being one of the safest parental monitoring software Norton Family Parental Control covers all kinds of features that a monitoring app can provide, and it works best for parents who have more than one kid. The following are the attention snatching features of this software.

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  • Instant Lock
    • Search Supervision
    • Web Supervision
    • Parental Alerts
    • Location Supervision
    • App Supervision
    • Time Supervision
    • Video Supervision
    • Activity Report

Supported OS – Windows/ Mac OS/ iOS/ Android

Web Watcher

Web watcher provides a clear and easy to use interface. You can spy on your kid’s chats, images, location, and even deleted texts. This App holds for some particular apps, including Tinder, Whatsapp, TikTok, Viber, etc. You can also set time limits and take screenshots of your kid’s phone. This feature of this App makes it very different from other similar apps and even more useful.

The only thing where you can get a pause is its cost. Its packages start from $130 per year per device.

Supported OS – Android and iOS

Family Time Parental Controls & Screen Time App

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This App lets you monitor and control your child’s mobile, tablet, or other Android devices in a very secure manner. This App revolves around the base idea of the safety and security of your loved ones. The key features include.

  • Daily App Limit
    • Schedule Screen Time
    • App Blocker
    • Location Tracker
    • Monitor Phone Usage
    • SOS/Panic Alerts
    • Reports
    • Pick Me Up
    • Co-parenting
    • Safe Drive

Supported OS – Android and iOS

Screen Time – Restrain yourself

As the title only suggests that this App focuses on limiting the screen time of yours and your children. You can very easily decide for how much duration your child should watch or use his/her mobile phone. This keeps them from getting addicted to cell phones and restrict the negative impacts of them in one’s life. Features of this App include.

Supported OS – Windows/ Mac OS/ iOS/ Android

Qustodio Parental Control

It lets you set time limits on all devices.

Qustodio lets you set time limits individually on all devices and all apps. It has been observed to help families who have younger children, teenagers, and also adults with disabilities make healthy and there are some of the responsibilities which are managed with this amazing app online, therefore allowing them to enjoy life usually and stay focused on their daily chores.

It offers a dashboard where you can see all the recent activities if there selected devices. Their only drawback is that it is a bit expensive, around $55.

Supported OS – Windows/ Mac OS/ iOS/ Amazon tablets/ Android

MM Guardian

Top 10 Latest Parental control Apps
Top 10 Latest Parental control Apps

MM Guardian comprises nearly all parental monitoring features that one can need, but its interface is quite outdated and frustrating to work on. It offers location tracking and excellent web filtering as well. 

Supported OS – Android and iOS

Final Note

When it comes to children, parents try and do whatever they can to keep that out of bad influences and addicting apps/games. With so many useful options available, it becomes straightforward to keep a good hold on your little ones. Instead of all these apps, still, our favourite App would be Net Nanny Parental Control, all thanks to its smooth and easy to work interface and availability of so many features in just one little App.

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