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Top 10 best cheap cafes of Kolkata

Kolkata is very much known for its sweet culture and delightful bonbons. A place nailing in creating such amazing soul touching deserts will never be a flop in serving good coffees along with some snacks on your table. Take your date mates, friends or go alone to have a good and lovely chit-chat over a cup of coffee in cheap cafes of Kolkata. A good picture for your Instagram is always on the go list with every meetup, so put on your shoes and go outside to make some beautiful memories, and believe me most of the amazing stories start from a café.

Here are 10 best cheap cafes of Kolkata with alluring ambiance and music.

Calcutta 64

Calcutta 64 is located in salt lake sector 1, near to the City Center mall is a splendid place where you can get a variety of good and healthy meals. This place is also children friendly. This court is famous for Funghi pasta, crunchy chicken, fish finger, double chocolate walnut brownie, pizza, and coffees. Your taste buds will burst with full of flavors. The staffs are very attentive, and take good care in case if you need something. The portion of the served meal is also satisfactory. The place is very pocket-friendly, it’s almost Rs 500 for two people.

Canister café 

It is one of my dearest places, it is located just in front of AMP Baisakhi mall, AG block, sector 2. Ambiance and lighting wise I will give this place 10/10. They have books and some games to have fun with along with the great food. The chairs and tables are quite fascinating as they are made of iron barrels dipped in different colors. Staffs are very cool, they usually play songs on your request. Talking about the food then the crepe rolls, egg wrap Kathi kebab is very good in taste, cheese chicken sandwich, white sauce pasta, refreshing drinks, BBQ chicken noodles and in this list they have added many new items like egg chicken burger and combo meals, platting of food is also marvelous, the best part is the place is so cheap that you can try many dishes with some coins left in your pocket. For two people Rs 300 is enough.

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Bon appétit café 

There are 2 branches of Bon appétit one in salt lake sector 1 and the other is in Hazra, opens at 9 am in the mornings and closes at 8:30 pm. The overall outlook of the place is very enchanting. The small, cozy place is good for spending some quality time with friends. The place is slightly in the interior but worth it, cuisines of here will definitely insist you to come again. Chocolate avalanche, cheese Maggie, pasta, sandwiches, and cold coffee with ice cream are quite demanding. Staffs are also very helpful and talk very nicely. For two people Rs 400.

Cha Bar

This café is a part of the oxford book store at Park street located in CP. In their menu you will find more than 30 types of chai, they almost covered all the types of tea and coffee whether it’s an organic green tea or milk tea. Their long menu files have burgers, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches with chips, cakes that are delightful. They have a special combination of chocolate truffle cake with a scoop of ice-cream if you ever visit this place try it. Talking about the ambiance then they have two sections one with white walls and green plants and the other part is with red walls that have posters of Kolkata’s filmmakers. For two people Rs 500.

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Biggies burger

If you are a burger person then you should definitely check out this place, it has all the burger, grilled burgers are the most popular one. Burgers are made in American style. Peri-Peri burger and American smoked BBQ area on the try list. This place is located in Russel street in park street just opposite Russel Punjabi Dhaba. The ambiance is not that satisfactory but the pictures and theme of the burger will make you intimate about it. For two-person Rs 300

The Rouge 

It’s located in Purna Das Road, near Hindustan Park, the whole theme of this café is plunged in pastel, white and peachy pink color. This place is known for Macarons, cupcakes, and beverages. Their ‘Walnut Tat’, ‘Dark Chocolate Éclair’, Chocolate Praline Cake is worth trying. They also take orders for preparing a customized wedding or birthday cakes. This café is very close to wise owl café, for two-person Rs 350.

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Mrs. Magpie

This cute small café is located in the bylanes of Southern Avenue and in salt lake sector 1. The place is very cozy and the main entrance doors glasses are colored which makes it very unique, it also has some beautiful interior décor that will drag you in, the café is perfect for evening snack and coffee. Mini fostered cupcakes are very delightful and melt in your mouth very quickly, not only that the cupcakes are very beautiful just the way you would expect a café to serve it to you. The staffs are very friendly, the only that can disappoint you is the portion of the food they serve is very small. Hot chocolate, sandwich, coffee, chicken tart are some of the top dishes. For two people Rs 600.

Indian coffee house

Indian coffee house is the oldest of all, it came before barista and café coffee day. This place is having a total vibe of Bengali culture and tradition, their major customers are students. It is located in college street and the menu here is very cheap and affordable. The best items are hot coffee, chicken sandwich, noodles, mutton cutlets, fish kaviraji. The place is a bit noisy, but a happy place people come here to enjoy each other’s company and to sense the heritage that extending with us. For two people Rs 300.

Magenta café 

The café is located near the Priya cinema hall, kalighat. It is a small store along with a café. Drinking coffee and shopping is like a complementary thing. A very calm subtle place to hangout, among foods red sauce pasta, blue lagoon, cold coffee, the chicken sandwich are some good items. Other than trying food you can buy various clothes like kurta, tops, jewelry, sari, jacket, and many home décor items. For two people Rs 350.

033 café

This café’s name is on a Code no. which is our telephone code, the name was kept so to make us feel nostalgic about it? How before the internet and jio we used to talk on telephones and our plans where done over it. How one telephone was the only mode of communication for a whole neighborhood. Based on this theme this place is a good one to pick up if you want to have little chit chat with your dear ones. Along with one can enjoy the good food over here like hot chocolate, fish, prawn, steaks, bang-bang chicken and many more. The ambiance of this place is quite promising like its name and is located near south city college, Golpark. For two folks Rs 500 is enough to fill your tummies.   

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