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Top 10 actresses of Indian Television.

Kyunki,saans bhi kahbi bahu thi.

Kyunki,har Ghar ki Kahani Hoti hai.

Kyunki,har Babul ka sapna,beti ki bidai Hoti hai.

Okay, enough for the introduction. While Indian Television is every changing and oh so entertaining,it is, so, highly addictive, whether we like it or not.

And not only does the word “TV serial” provide an immediate sense of nostalgia and intrigue you of the same,household plots with a unique twist, but also highly infatuates you to watch the serial.

And get engrossed in it..and identify with the characters. In this case,for the majority of serial watchers which are the Indian females of all ages,will identify,obviously,with the main or semi main female characters of the serial.

Serials are so rightly feminist,and yet we complain?

Nevermind that.

So,the Indian housewife will identify with the” bahu” of the serial,while the daughter of the “beti”,and the grandmother with the “Saans”. And likewise.

For it is the actresses who are the,well,life of our beloved serials.

“Baa,bahu air beti”. This phrase holds so true and is oh so relevant in Indian television. A serial is incomplete with its talented actresses. Let’s give an ode to these lovely actresses,who make our days better with their presence on television and serials. This list is an ode to my personal favourite actresses of Indian television ever since I began watching serials (which happens to be before I began watching cartoons).

This may be my personal opinion/(s) altogether, but, these actresses are the top actresses of Hindi serials,whom me and the audience,like so much. This article is not in any order and simply lists out my preferences.

10)Divyanka Tripathi.

Or as we so know her,Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla.

divyanka-tripathiThis Bhopal beauty is a stunner on screen and off screen. Not only does she subtly and perfectly balanced the roles of daughter,wife and mother perfectly,but is a joy to watch and observe.

Maybe that is why she wins the Best Wife awards at most award functions of Star Plus?

9) Anita Hassanandani

Anita Hassanandani
Anita Hassanandani

Yes,we have so many names for her. The striking ones that have stood the test of time are Tanu of Kabhi Souten Kabhi Saheli, and Sanchi Nakul Virani of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kahbi Nahi thi.

And of course,what we now know her as. As the villain or secondary character we just love to watch and cannot simply hate.

Shagun Arora!

She has jumped between big curtains and small curtains and yet managed to be good at both.

From the docile daughter in law of Taal, to the now vampish rebel in serials,Hassanandani has made it quite a way,and won our hearts (and viewerships) in the way.

8) Shweta Tiwari

shweta-tiwariAfter all,who can miss her? Miss Kasauti Zindagi Kayy,much?

7) Disha Vakhani.

disha_vakaniDaya Gada! The longest running so far comedic serial on Indian television,Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma,is based on Daya and Jetha all’s comedy . Can you ever imagine a regular Taarak Mehta episode without Daya’s innocent laughter and blabber? No!

We love her for her natural comedy and excellent capabilities of entertaining the audience.

6) Shalmalee Desai

sojal_agnihotri_Or , as we knew her, Sojal Agnihotri.

She plays the greedy daughter in law turned loving sister in law. She is a character we just love to watch on screen,and perhaps more than the plot of the serial.

5)Shrenu Parikh.

shrenuThe bubbly Aastha Agnihotri. The chirpy and cute actress who brightens up the plot and our television shows.

4) Helly Shah Or Swara Bose/Gadodia.

hellyThe bubbly and chirpy actress is a must watch on colors channel!

3) Smriti Irani

smritiYes,even though she is a politician and member of parliament now.

She is still our Tulsi,our ideal daughter in law and teacher of sanskāras .

This serial is still so relevant and remembered,it is indeed, iconic. Thanks to Ekta Kapur for such good entertainment back in the days.

2)  Jennifer Winget

jennifer-wingetOne does not have to ask  how many or what serials she has done. We are very much aware of her and her presence(s). However,we do wish her ex-husband was still by her side.

1) Sriti Jha

sriti-jhaOur beloved docile yet rebellious modern day and traditional girl. We simply love watching her!

Her acting comes from her eyes and hence she dominates Indian television shows!

Be it Dhoom Machao Dhoom or Dil se di Dua..Saubhagyavati, she has won our hearts.


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