Together Yet Apart

Recently I saw a cute couple on my way to home. The boy and girl seemed to be in deep love with each other. The boy kissed the girl’s forehead and waved her goodbye. It was a pleasant feeling to see such people around us. So a thought ran into my mind. What if the girl and boy would part their ways? There is no greater agony than letting go a person you care and love infinitely. And then I suddenly struck on the word Loneliness in my mind. So what is Loneliness according to you? Is it only being separated from the person you love? Or is it something more than that? The answer lies within us. It’s our thinking and belief about the over exaggerated word Love. What are the main reasons that lead to an end to this beautiful feeling we call love?

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Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. So do we restrict ourselves towards this dictionary meaning of love? Falling in love can be a slippery slope, regardless of any protective barriers we may have built. It can ease in like a light a mist that settles itself beautifully over your life, or it can blindside you. Falling in Love isn’t a wrong decision. We often fall in love with a person who we know the most and can rely on easily. You have already stretched your heart for someone who is capable of bruising it with care. Love is a feeling which makes us do things that come directly from the heart. To be loved and being loved makes a hell lot of difference. The relationships we see in today’s fast moving world are just vulnerable. There is no real love, even if it’s there; it’s for some cruel devil inside one’s mind. The loneliest feeling does not come from being single. It is being married or living with someone, but yet feeling alone emotionally.

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Relationship’s end not due to lack of trust or being too possessive, it ends due to lack of love for the other person. We being humans are ruled by the orthodox thinking of controlling our partner’s life, we do it and we can’t help it. Our relationship goals are to be always together and never leave our imaginative other half! It may sound a bit off track, but yes we are the same. Being gather always leads to an unwanted feeling in one’s life we call as an Obsession. We literally obsess ourselves with our partner. Better to ask, how do you differentiate fantasy from reality anywhere in your life? Obsessive love is a fantasy expectation of an ego-centered outcome based upon idealized romantic illusion. It is a pre-written script that requires an often unsuspecting partner to memorize the lines and not expect to ever alter them. In other words, to be in an obsessive love relationship is to play a role that is clearly defined before you ever meet that person, and to play that role with passion and commitment. This is what leads to an unhealthy decision in the relationship. We attempt to reconcile the person according to our needs and wants.

Together Yet Apart
Image source Pixabay

Loneliness is the feeling we get in our heart and soul when we want to be connected with someone, and someone is not available to connect with. This can certainly occur when we are alone, but it also occurs in relationships when one or both partners are unavailable for connection — due to being angry, withdrawn, tired or ill. The meaning of relationships has changed in this modernized world of technocrats. Love has just remained in the books and the ancient love symbols such as Romeo and Juliet. There’s no space and respect for the love which we once used to seek easily.

Love can be excruciatingly painful when someone you love dearly is no longer in your life. Continuing to idealize and romanticize “the one” keeps you living in the past, making it extremely difficult to move forward. Lastly I would like to end the discussion with a poem:-

It’s has been ages you have left,

The roads are the same since you left,

So are the trees and wind.

I still wait for you on the same roads,

With the same wind that still touches my face.

I know deep in my heart that we have lost it somewhere,

But never expected that it would end nowhere.

It hurts and screeches my heart like hell,

For the rest of my life, we’ll be apart.

I’ll always wait for the future to shine,

Till then you’ll always be mine.

Your hands around my shoulders are empty and cold,

Please come back, I need someone to hold.

You will never realize how much I love you,

You will never understand how much I trust you.

You’re officially gone, But forever in my heart

You and me my Love, Together, yet apart

Together, Yet Apart..!

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