Miracle vs Logic

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    Do you believe in miracles..

    Do you believe in God? These are the questions we face since childhood. When we were kids, we thought miracles are obvious things that are a part of daily life. For example, every parents surprise their children on Christmas nights which their kids think are direct gifts from their favorite Santa Clause. But once we start growing up, reality dooms over us and we eventually come to know the truth. The magical feeling of miracles leaves our minds like a camphor. But no matter what, our trust in God exists. Whether we actually witness God’s blessings or we do not, our hearts can never deny the faith in God. But do miracles actually happen? Does God actually bless us? Is there any existence of him?

        The Half moon is peeping through the clouds and damp air is all around because of heavy rain for past two hours. I am resting on my bed waiting for the Sleeping Fairy to put a spell of sleep into my eyes. But every  single night, I remember the horrifying night which existed three months ago. The night was exactly same. Th same half moon, clouds, heavy rain followed by damp air. Okay, I forgot to describe my family. It is a small happy family, My parents, my sister Koyel and me. Okay, returning to that night, 17th June, 2016. Our neighbor, Mr. D. kr. Dey and his family and their little daughter Amrita. That day was Amrita’s birthday, she turned 5 that day. The Dey family threw a huge birthday party with every grand arrangements possible. My sister, who is thirteen year old became very compatible with Amrita and she became her so called lubbly dubbly elder sister.

    After the party, Amrita fell asleep cuddling on Koyel’s lap and eventually Koyel decided to stay with her overnight. Everything was just great. The night was as pleasant and peaceful as little Amrita’s sleeping innocent face. Me, with cherishing memories from the day set off to bed cuddling slowly into my dreams. I was woke with a jerk by my mom who yelled at me “How could someone sleep like a hopeless useless creature and blah blah blah blah………. ” Okkk.. That doesn’t make sense.

    That’s actually true. Whenever my mother is upset, she just talks off her mind and never thinks what she is talking about. But before my mother stopped yelling, I felt the burning smell entering my nose and I got to know something is burning.. But what..?? There was a lot of chaos and confusion outside the house. But about what..??…My mind set to action.. No time to think.. Run, Run, Run.. I went outside the house. Oh Goddddd…!!! Mr. Dey’s house is set on fire…. I was dumbstruck at the scene taken aback at what was happening. I stood like a lamp post for sometime.. My mind froze for a moment, then suddenly my mind said.. Koelll!!  Where us Koel? Where is Amrita? Where is the rest of the family..??? People are afraid to go near the huge monster, because it’s quite evident Buckets of water could not satisfy this hungry living monster. Fire brigade was already called by the time, but still did show no sign.

    We were just horrified at what was happening. My mother was ready to jump into fire to save her child from the disaster but the neighbors caught hold of her firmly. I tried to stay calm and offered a deep pray to God because that’s all I could do standing there. People were running to and fro, shouting screaming. Children were crying for an unknown fear, the scene was ruthless. But I don’t know how I managed to pray in that situation. I was expecting a miracle. But that’s not possible. It can’t be like the monster saying, my tummy is full, I am going away tonight, stay happy, stay blessed. Come on, be realistic. Finally the fire brigade arrived and set to work. Ambulances arrived too. But it’s not easy to calm down a fire monster, who is spreading out fire like an angry dragon in the whole apartment. After almost forty minutes of watering, the God of fire set mercy on our dear earth.

    We could see firemen rescued Mr. and Mrs. Dey from the hell and sent them to hospital. Their condition was ruthless, gruesome and pitiful. A glance at them showed the pain they were going through. I just could not look at them anymore, who were writhing in pain, they were sent to the hospital. My father and many neighbors went with them. Everything was a bit quiet now. But where were the kids..?? The firemen still did not rescue them. “Are they okay..??  Are they alive..?? But where are they..?? ” , these were the questions in everyone’s mouth. By the time the house already looked worse than a cremation ground, there were only burnt debris everywhere. I just didn’t want to expect the worst, still a lurking hope peeping into my heart. After ten more minutes, the firemen called us inside the burning hell. We were stunned. Why would someone get into it..??  But we all went.. Stepping the burnt hell…expecting the worst, hoping for the best.. When we reached the place where firemen called us, we were standing there mouth gaped, spellbound, astonished, surprised. Because we could not believe our own eyes for the first time in life. Guess what.. In Amrita’s playroom, she was sound asleep on Koyel’s lap, the room where the fire monster did not even peep.

    It seemed like the room was detached from the rest of the house. From the chaos of the public, they opened their sleepy, puffy eyes with utmost difficulty which seemed to be toughest job for them at that time. Then again fell fast asleep. We took them to our house in our arms and kept them on bed. But the thing is …how is this possible..?? The fire which almost ate the full house, how could no trace of it be found in the playroom..?? A big question mark on everyone’s face but no one cared to know… Why should they..?? The kids were fine and fit.. That’s more than enough reason to forget the question mark, enough reason to be happy and contented.. Their sleepy face ultimately gave us a final good night for that night.

    Three months later, today Mr. and Mrs. Das are still at the hospital. They are in much better condition now. The cause of fire was expected from cylinder leakage, as the investigators stated the later day. Amrita still lives with us. She is aware not aware of anything. We just told her a sweet lie to keep her happy. She waits for her parents eagerly but patiently, she misses them a lot. But she is happy. Now, She is sleeping with Koyel in the other room peacefully, their faces reflecting the face if the moon. And finally, the sleeping fairy casts her spell on me, taking me to her world of dreams…

    ut what happened that night in that room. Was it a miracle? Was it a God’s blessing? Or was it science? Or was it a combination of all three..??

    There are some questions in life whose answers we never get, however hard we try to find out. And there is an immense satisfaction not to know these answers. It’s like we are walking in a world of enigma.. But we would never like to run out from it…because certain beliefs keep us happy, which science cannot..


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