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Time to Stop Worrying about Your Kids and Loved Ones in the Car

Are you always on the edge of the seat when your kids and loved ones are out and about in a chauffeur driven car? Though the location tracker in the car helps you know their whereabouts, but you want more than just the location. Your concerns are totally valid.

The number of road accidents due to over speeding is increasing at an alarming rate. In such a situation, you need nothing but a device that not just informs you about the location of your loved ones but also one of the many things, including live video streaming.

CamEye, from the house of KENT, is a revolutionary new-age vehicle tracking device that comes packed with features like no other in the market. KENT CamEye runs on a pre-installed 4G sim and is powered with a 3000 mAh battery that keeps the device running for around 24 hours. The secure cloud storage keeps all the data available to access for 90 days while the 8GB internal memory comes into play when there is no internet connectivity.

This device is way smarter and advanced than vanilla GPS devices that only offer to track the location of the car. Let’s have a look at the features of this first-of-its-kind car security device for vehicles and passengers.

Time-Lapse Audio and Video

With the time-lapse audio and recording feature, you can now keep all your worries on the shelf. The dual cameras of this device record clear video of both inside and outside the car. All the recording is then uploaded to the cloud for easy access. The 720p camera offers a 120-degree field of view while the light sensors enable night mode to record clear video even when it gets dark.

AI-Based Smart Alerts

A mere location tracker will never let you know when the driver is over speeding or tries to plug out the security device installed in the car. The good news is that KENT CamEye’s AI-based smart alerts will do this and a lot more. This device acts as a strong deterrent against issues that most car owners commonly face. When your driver’s behavior is constantly monitored, the chances of any undisciplined acts become slim.

Through ‘Place of Interest’ alert, you can easily know when your kid or anyone else in the house has been dropped to the designated location.

GPS Location Tracking and Route Playback

While offering GPS location tracking, KENT CamEye also offers route playback through the native app. You can easily stay in touch with your car even when you are not inside it, and it’s the chauffeur who is taking your kids and family around. You can even check the route your chauffer took when driving alone to monitor if he took any detour. All this is possible on the native app of the device.  

The access to the app can be granted to 10 members of the family, and more than one device can be synced to the app.

Integrated Face Recognition Technology

The integrated face recognition technology will help you identify the occupants of the car. If it’s your kid, mother, or wife who relies on the chauffeur to be taken around, this feature will help you know whether they are safe in the car. Any unknown passenger can be easily identified while the 2-way calling feature will allow you to address it immediately.

Your Family’s Security Is in Your Hands!

Trust KENT CamEye when it comes to giving your family the protection they need. The device can be easily bought from Amazon India. If you wish to go for a demo before purchasing, an official from the brand will help you with a free demo.


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