Things You’re Doing Wrong When Using a Hair Dryer

Do you agree that nothing beats walking outwith perfectly blow-dried hair?It guarantees a great day ahead & makes you feel so good, right?

You have probably tried to recreate that salon-finish voluminous hair at home. But, why does it feel difficult to create stylish hairdos using your own hair dryer? The reason can be that yourdrying technique isn’t perfect.However, it is possible to get theperfect blow-out with the right tricks and by avoidingcertain things.

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Here are somefrequent mistakes that you should dodge when you use a hair dryer at home:

  • Drying Soaking Wet Hair

If you dry your hair right after hopping out of the shower, it will consume a lotof your time.Continuous hot air from the hairdryer for a long time can damage your hair strands. Thus, it will be wise to get rid of the excessive moisture by using a towel before blow-drying.

  • Drying Without Sectioning Your Hair

Are you habitual of picking up a hair dryer and drying your hair haphazardly, blowing in every direction until it dries?

It is because of thisreason hair drying takes up so much of your time. An efficient manner of drying your hair is by sectioning it. In this manner, the blow dryer can reach all the hair strands. Section the hair and work your way up from the bottom.

  • Skipping the Hair Protectant

If you use a styling tool on your hair before applying a heat protectant, it could damage your locks.To maintain the silkiness of your hair, you should apply a heat protectant beforeusing a blow dryer.It will ensure protection for your hair and keep it frizz-free.

  • Using the Wrong Heat Settings

All hair dryers usually have different heat setting options. While deciding which one to use, you should consider your hair type. For thicker hair, you need a higher heat setting whereas, for thin hair, a lower setting will dry your hair in a reasonable time. Experimenting and finding the right heat setting will be a suitable option. There are premium brands like Vega that offer a range of hair dryers with 2 heat settings. Low heat setting can be used for gentle drying of slightly wet hair and high heat setting can be used for fast drying of thick hair.

  • KeepingYour Hair Too Close to the Hair Dryer

Every morning with a busy schedule ahead, you try to dry your hair as quickly as possible and rush outside. Further, without realizing you might be cramming your blow dryer deep in your locks for drying them faster. Doing this can cause significant harm to your hair.

In some situations, your hair can get caught in the dryer’s filter. To avoid such circumstances, keep the hair dryer at a safe distance from your hair.

  • Using an Unclean Hair Dryer

Cleaning your hair dryer is as imperative as cleaning your make-up brushes after use. It enables the tool to work with its full potential and efficiency. Since hair particles and dust collect in the filter, it can hamper your hair drying process.

  • Using the Wrong Hair Blow Dryer

Numerous types of hair dryers are available in the market. Ceramic, ionic, tourmaline- all these dryers work great with different kinds of hair. Also, they have different features and are applicable for various purposes. For example, for drying your hair quickly, you should use an ionic hair dryer. 

Get Salon-Finish Hair Blow-out at Home

Make an impression with gorgeous looking hair every day! Blow-dry your hair to perfection by avoiding the things mentioned aboveusing an ideal hair dryer. You can check luxury brand websites like Vega that offer a vast collection of hair dryers. They have an unparalleled range of personal and beauty care products. With heat settings and a foldable handle, Vegahair dryers allow easy storage and areeasy to carry on the go So, explore and add to your cart today!

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