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Things only a North Indian staying in South India can relate to

Are you a hard core North Indian?
Are you suddenly forced to shift to south India?
You can’t go back because of unavoidable reasons.
Difference in pronunciation, Difference in food-habits. You feel a bit left out.
You might feel that you have undergone a surgery.
Well, there are few things that you will definitely relate to if you are a north Indian shifted to southern region of India.

  1. Language Issues: This is one of the major challenge you need to face. The people have their own regional dialects. You don’t understand their language. Hindi is the national language but not so in south. In south, many people don’t know Hindi. If you don’t know their language or your English isn’t strong enough. So, there can exist a communication gap. Some even don’t know English. Thus, it becomes a major challenge for you.
  2. Food: This is the biggest problem because without food you can’t even think of. You can’t survive without it . But what you see. You will find idli, dosa everywhere on every street. No doubt, south food is yummy and delicious. But, you will definitely take time to get use to it. You will start missing those parathas and street food.
  3. Pronunciation Issues: You are going to have tough time to learn how to pronounce things. They have different names for vegetables as well. You will have a tough time with the vendors and auto-rickshaw pullers. As they are less educated, communication with them becomes a bit challenging.
  4. Music: Music is one thing that keeps us alive and energizing whole day. If you are addicted to Hindustani or Bollywood music, staying in South, listening to Southern music is really tough situation for you. But sooner or later, you will realize the delightness of the music. You can recognize the originality and beauty of the music.
  5. Lungis and Rajni Fans Everywhere: Though initial level of  staying in South will be a challenging for you. You will find lungis everywhere. No jeans, no stylish clothes which you will be adhere to. South is equipped with Rajni fans. Rajni, a legend is worshiped as a God figure in South. But if you don’t like these things, it’s better to keep yourself quiet. As this might hurt their sentiments. They may also arouse negative feelings for you.
  6. Recognition Problem: You are unable to differentiate between Tamil or Telugu or say Malayalam or Kannad. Because all seem to be similar to you. You can’t recognize the caption written on the hoardings. You become an expert at guessing what’s written by viewing the picture.

You need to adjust. Adjustments might be difficult or challenging, but consider it as fun. You will definitely discover something different about South. You’ll soon fall in love with their culture, their food, their tradition. You just need to create your own different perspective.

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